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Updated on November 11, 2010
C.W. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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I am going to be a breat grandma in February or so. I am wanting to buy dispossible diapers and turn them into a diaper cake as a gift for the shower. What brands do you all use? I used only cloth. I didn't like paper diapers that were made in the 70's. I can't see momma washing cloth diapers. I have heard some feedback about the new ones from pampers causing rashes. Don't want to buy the wrong one and give him (yes we know the sex) one. Also I need them to be fairly cheap. I live on a fixed income and can barly afford gas, ren t and groceries but thought maybe If I could buy a pack or maybe 2 a month then I could get enough to make the cake. I got instructions online. I had heard about them but had never seen on in person and since I had already decided that will be my gift what a cute way of presenting it. Also does anyone know of differnt baby shower game ideas? My olast shower was in the earily 80"s . I heard of one that uses baby foods and everyone samples it and trys to guess what it is. There's the old stand by- toilet paper. Want something new.

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So What Happened?

I love the dirty diaper game that's so cute.

She's so young I don't think she has any idea what would be best or not. Wish I could afford the membership to Costco. I love their laundry detergent. It's also the best place to get glasses without insurance.

I just called her she said any kind should be okay. I also just found out she plans to try breast feeding. I am so pleased. I told her that was wonderful. I may try to make one of the nursing capes. Wish they had those when I nused. My oldest always pulled the diaper off my shoulder.

I may ask her since she is the oldest of 7. She has sort of helped raise all of them. I think they are really too young to raise him but she wants to try.
Thanks on the congrats. The shock has started to wear off.

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answers from Chicago on

I'm a Huggies evangelist! But as of late, I've discovered that the Kirkland brand at Costco is just a good, so I would go that route!

I've tried Pampers, Luvs and Target's brand and have had tons of leaks.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

My favorite disposable diaper is Luv's. I like them way better than Huggies and Pampers, and they are cheaper. I also prefer cloth rather than disposable. They've come a long way since you were diapering! :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have used a wide range of diapers over the past 3 years. I LOVE Pampers Swaddlers for a new baby and then I have changed brands and have tried several others, and am currently using cloth on my 6 month old and disposable on my 3 year old.

Cloth diapers today are COMPLETELY different than ones used 10 - 15 years ago.

But to make a cake I would use Target's Up &Up's. They have very cute blue and green circles on them and are MUCH cheaper than Pampers or Huggies. That could look very cute as a diaper cake for a boy! I would get them in size 2 or 3's.

Congrats and good luck with your awesome gift. :)

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answers from Chicago on

If this is her first baby, she probably doesn't even know what brand she'll be using yet. You might want to buy a few different brands, as it would be a great way for her to get to try them out and find a favorite. It might also provide more visual interest to the cake, as they come in different colors and patterns.

I loved the Pampers swaddlers for my newborns, but as they grew up I switched to Huggies and cloth diapers. I have also tried the Walmart, Target and Costco store brands, and while I did not love them, I know plenty of other moms who swear by those as well.

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answers from Des Moines on

We tried the Target brand once and stuck with them...we just loved them! The price was great and we didn't have any leaking...nothing.

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answers from Dallas on

I would just ask the mom what brand she's planning on using. Then you can get a coupon for it and find it on sale.

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answers from Mansfield on

Parent's Choice brand diapers at Walmart are great. They are cheap but they are good. Parent's choice also has wipes, shampoo and lotion, etc, and baby food and snacks. I was ecstatic when we got Walmart cause we didn't have to leave town to get stuff anymore. (One brand I would not suggest is white cloud. We tried them and my daughter had a tendancy to move just right to get it to slide around a little and she kept peeing out the side, didn't even get the diaper wet. just her clothes and whoever was holding her)

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answers from Philadelphia on

First, congrats!! Second, has very cheap diapers, and they are delivered free in bulk. Third, I received a diaper "wreath" which used less diapers than a "cake" so you might want to check that out. Best wishes!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi C.,
I always hated Pampers, I preferred Huggies to Pampers BUT wanted to ask if you have ALDI near you? I really always liked their Nanny's brand diapers. Cheap and very, very soft--almost like cloth.
Or you could start looking for diaper coupons now - O. for each package.

As for a can get 5-6 diapers, put a different candy bar in each and microwave to melt, then everyone tries to "identify" the poo in each diaper! Gross and cute at the same time. You can use tootsie roll, a Snickers, Baby Ruth, Milky way, Kit Kat, etc....

Congrats on becoming a great grandma!

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answers from Washington DC on

I use Target own brand "up and up". A big pack of 70 are only $13 , they are well elasticated and do not leak even overnight. Also if you have Costco membership then the Kirkland brand are also good.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Since its a boy, have you thought about getting the Target Brand? they are blue and green polka dot and super cute. I use them for my daughter (I dont care about the blue and green) but they would make for a cute diaper cake.
for games it depends on how involved or intimate the shower will be. for a BIG shower you may just want to do a timer game where you set the timer for 7 mins and when it goes off, whoevers gift the mom is opening gets a prize. or on the back of the cake plates, put an X or something and whoever is holding that plate...get a prize. If its a smaller shower you can do a memory tray. Get a bunch of baby items on a tray (about 15-20) let the women look at it for 1 min then take the tray away (out of site)and then you time them for 2 mins...whoever guesses the most items gets a prize and then all the times go to the mommy :):) another one is you melt candy bars in diapers (1 candy bar per diaper) and then make the ladies try and guess what is in the diapers..whoever guesses the most wins a prize.

Something my friend did for my shower was she made a shower CD. She burned a bunch of music that contained the word BABY or had to do with babies(an example was diana Ross's "Im coming out" and "little ms Magic" by Jimmy Buffet.) She played the CD during the shower and she burned 20 copies of the CD and that was everyones gift for coming to the shower. really cute and I still listen to it.



answers from Dayton on

We use luvs diapers they are much cheaper because you get a larger number of diapers per bag than any of the other brands and we have never had a problem with rashes or leaks.



answers from Muncie on

Congrats on being a grandma! We have tried just about every diaper out there. The only ones I would not buy are the White Cloud brand. Made a huge mess!
As far as games, we played a trick on my guests. We did the game where they have to remeber all the baby items collected on a tray. I carried it around for everyone to see. When it came time to play I excused myself for a potty break. Then they guests were told they had to answer questions about my appearance and not the tray of baby items. Everyone seemed to like that because it wasn't a "usual" baby shower game.



answers from Dayton on

Have you asked her about using cloth diapers? You know how much disposable diapers have changed since 1970, but did you know that cloth has changed that much, also? There are many new and easy-to-use brands and styles. Even fancy top of the line cloth diapers will save her money over disposables. Washing them has also become easier as washing machines work better.

For games, we did one at my baby shower where it asked questions like "will baby get mom's eyes or dad's eyes?" And "what will baby's personality be?" People got points for matching mom's answers. You could get a whole bunch of baby pictures from both sides and ask people to guess if they're mom's side or dad's side. We did a guessing game at my sister's shower where we packed a diaper bag and had everybody guess all the things in it. She was having a rockstar baby shower and we also played "name that tune" with sections of songs from the "rockabye" lullaby CD's - they're a whole bunch of lullaby versions of popular rock songs. It was really tough and very few people got many right.


answers from Cincinnati on

Hi C.! My daughter was one that got terrible rashes from most diapers. Pampers, Luvs and Huggies were all out for me. What I was able to find and LOVE and is cheaper than all the rest: They sell them at Kroger. Only Kroger though. It's in a bright green package. They fit nice, absorbed amazingly and didn't break out her tinny booty. So I highly recommend those. And again, they're super cheap!

I played the baby food game & really liked it.
I also made baby-related word scrambles
You can do a "fill in the next line" of common nursery rhymes
Depending on how Mommy feels about this one, you could have everyone guess how big around they think she is by cutting a piece of yarn to size.
There's one that's a little gross but fun... You buy like 8 different candy bars & mash them up and stick them in diapers. Then pass the diapers around see if the people can figure out what candy bar it is.
Give each guest a 3x5 card and have them write down their best parenting tip
That's all I can think of for now. Have fun great grandma!!!!!


answers from Cleveland on

Congrats!! I use Target diapers and love love love them. I wish I would have found them when I had my first. The twins have never had any blow outs or leaks and they are half the price of pampers



answers from Columbus on

I really like the Target Up diapers. (Has cute blue and green circle design that would look cute on a cake!) Hospital used Pampers Swaddlers when I had my babies (in 2003 and 2008) and I used them when they were newborns. Only discovered Target's brand with my youngest. Used Huggies with my oldest but got the big box at Sam's club.

I got a diaper cake at the shower for my youngest and loved it. Was super cute and hated to take it apart but it was useful!

Guess size of mom-to-be's expanded waistline. Guests cut off lengths from a ball of string/yarn to the size they think would go around and the closest wins.
The memory tray game which was kind of mentioned before but I love the twist that was used where they had to remember things about the guest of honor's appearance instead of what was on the tray.
Clothesline game sounded fun. (I'd never heard of those two before but think they'd be fun!)
Another one is a kind of "name the baby" game. Need paper and pen. Guests come up with as many names as they can from first names (can include middle and last, too) of the parents-to-be.

Have a great shower!!!


answers from Columbus on

Congrats! I have to tell you that I think it's great that you want to do all this, I wish my grandma was more involved with my kids.

I like Huggies and Pampers, I always found the generic ones to leak on very small babies. If you have a Rite Aid, CVS, or Walgreens near you, they have really good sales on Huggies and Pampers at least every other week.

My favorite baby shower game is a relay race - you have a clothesline at one end of the room, and each person has to hold a baby doll and "talk" on a phone, while they run down and hang something on the clothes line. If you drop the baby or the phone, you lose! It's pretty funny to see how good some ladies are at doing all 3 things at once.

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