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Updated on February 18, 2011
K.M. asks from Streamwood, IL
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Ok, so I am jazzed, I feel like for the first time someone actually gave me answers to my burning questions about ADHD that no one else could answer and then they followed up with ... We can FIX it! So, I know that there is a degree of "drinking the kool-aid" involved but for the first time things clicked ... has anyone else been to thier lecture or gone to the Brain Balance Center? Really, they say this program is for kids with autisum, adhd, add, turrets, sensory processing and any other neurological disorder so what is your take on this program for those who are informed or have been thru the program?

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answers from Charlotte on

i have been to several lectures, mostly because i work in a preschool and needed my training hrs. i even have a child with ADHD and at one time concidered bringing him to a center. just be aware of how much they actully cost if you decided to try the program....the center i visited was $5,400 for a 12 week program! and the way my son dr put it all that fancy stuff they teach is fine but theres no guarantee it will even work.

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answers from Washington DC on

There's a lot of talk here from parents that haven't taken their child through the program. I have. My son saw great results. You can say I had a vested interest in seeing those results, but what about random comments from other parents, teachers, administrators, and coaches. They don't have a vested interet.

The one thing that Brain Balance did that no other program did for us was gave us specific identifiable results both before and after the program. No other program does this.

Do your due diligence, but this was the first program that worked for me. Is the presentation good? Yes it is. That doesn't mean the program doesn't work though. The theory of the program is functional disconnection syndrome. Numerous studies keep coming out backing the validity of it. Here's a link to one of the latest ones from researchers out of Harvard, Wisconsin, Utah, and BYU:

Also check out Martha Herbert's, professor from Harvard, talk as the keynote speaker from the Autism Society's national conference last year. That's all she talked about.

Parents have a lot of time to talk as they're in the waiting room with other parents. We figured out that there's 30+ centers around the country. If there's 20 kids at each center, there's over 2,000 kids a year going through Brain Balance. If there was all of this negativity and a program that didn't work, we'd hear about. You know us. We'd be shouting it from the rooftops. That's not the case though. The only negative thing I've ever been able to find, from a parent's persective, is from 2 or 3 years ago and that sounds like there was some turnover in an office and the program didn't go well. That wasn't what I saw with my son or anyone else in the office I went to.

Everybody makes up their own mind with regards to their children, but I not only saw hope. I found it. My son is taking no the shock of his doctor and is mainstreamed. It had been years since we ate out at a restaurant...except fast food. I have a life again. Did they "fix" him? No. They don't say they will though. They say they can minimize the disorders. They might be minimized enough to seem fixed. My son still has some issues, but he is a much different and happier child than he was 2 years ago. As a parent, that was my goal.


answers from Bloomington on

I would be wary of anything claiming to "fix" it. I have a child with ADHD and Autism and trust me we have tried so many things. diets, supplements, behavioral therapy, congnitive therapy ... u name it. Most of the time anything claiming to FIX it was just trying to get a desperate parent to dish out the big bucks ... with very limited results.
Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

I haven't heard of Brain Balance, but we have gotten my DD and DH's ADHD under control with Feingold program. It's legit and works...takes effort, but all worth it, as today proves with my daughter back to her ADHD ways due to a food reaction. Check it out first at

Take care,



answers from Columbus on

I have never been to a seminar that was designed to do anything more than to sell to me, market to me, or to make me think that I needed something, thereby creating a convient benefit for me, such that I really, really wanted to purchase the item. That is what good sales people do. Benfits sell. They created an illusion for you first, I would gather, explaining what ADHD really is, what autism really is, what torette syndrome really is, and what they have in common, and they just happen to have the treatment for you! I heard this from the Feingold diet people. I heard this from the chelation therapy, heavy metals poisoning people...I heard this most recently from the jacked up acci berry in a wine bottle people, and most of them, somewhere in the sales pitch, tell you "the medical community and the big drug companies don't want you to know this..." Ahhhhhhhrg.

I know, you want to beleive this. I want to beleive this. I hope that someday, there really will be a "fix." When they find one, everybody will know. It will be front page news, it will lead every news cast from ABC to FOX.

The problem is, once you spend the 5000 bucks, you have a vested interest in seeing progress too. You just spent 500) bucks for a 12 week program, and you are looking for the changes. You might just see some, but like the people I know who spent thousands of dollars having their children take chelation therapy, or the ones who have to buy the expensive vitamin and mineral supplements for hundres of dollars per week, because only that company has the extract from the country that has the best you just cannot get it anywhere else...this does create a placebo effect.

I would wait and stay with standard treatment while this particular marketing offering either prooves to be something worthwhile by overwhelming evidence and independent, double blind scientific studies, or just quietly goes away.

I really don't mean to burst your bubble. Marketing is powerful, and I don't know about you, but nobody ever had to market a mamogram to me, or a pap smear, or a cholesterol test. I have needed all of them, my doctor ordered them, and I went. I also took my children to Cognative behaviroal therapy, social skills classes, speech therapy, Occupational therapy, and psychiatrists...because my doctor ordered standard care. Not flashy, but effective.

Good luck.

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