Bra for Underarm Flab?

Updated on April 12, 2011
Y.C. asks from Orlando, FL
3 answers

I notice all my bras are tight under my arm and I have this flab hanging that you can see through clothes, yuke!!
Most of my bras are either Victoria Secret and sport bras but they all seem to be at the same high on that area, I have the right size bra, and they fir me in any other parts (boob cups and around the body) but for some reason they all make me that sagging flab even if the feel perfect in other parts. (probably because I have lost weight but I can't lose weight in my underarm).
Does any body have a bra that the underarm part is high, almost near the armpit, in order to "hug" and keep tuck that extra flab?
I am size 34DD if it helps.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You don't have the right size if it does that. Victoria Secret bras are some of the very worst made-contrary to popular belief. What you really need to do is to get to Nordstroms for a real fitting. The women there are so good at finding a bra to fit you perfectly. Yo may pay a little more but one good bra is worth 10 ill fitting ones.

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answers from New York on

I just ordered this bras from Shapeez, they are the best bras I have ever owned, and I think I have tried them all. I have tried the most expensive brands and still was not happy. Shapeez bras are made to eliminate back fat and the underarm fat and are sooooo comfortable. A little costly but worth every penny. I just went back for more because I loved them so much!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

You need a bigger bra! (wish I could say that!)

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