BPA Free Sippy Cups

Updated on May 06, 2008
J.S. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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I am trying to transition my 9 month old to start drinking from a sippy type cup. I have one hard spout of the born free kind (which she has been taking BF bottles since she was very young). The problem is she cries her head off when that spout goes in her mouth. I have given her sips of my water before from a regular cup, and she has no problem with that. Does anybody recommend a different sippy cup that is BPA free? Any thoughts on the matter? I would really like to hear if your kids had a similar experience. I know a lot of the brands, but I am just wanting to hear experiences on any of them.

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answers from Dallas on

This is an amazing site...i tried posting this link on here for other mothers like me who wanted to know about this...but they deleted it because it wasnt a request.

So thanks for asking so now other moms can find this site just as helpful as i did!!!!

Turns out all those expensive bottles I used (Dr. Brown's and Avent Paci's were the worst!)

Playtex is safe and what i switched to.

They have a list of ALL manufactures of all baby products that we would have in our home. They list things from bottles, sippies, pacifier, dishes etc.

Some manufactures have both safe and unsafe products so look carefuly at the list. Dont just choose by manufacture.

I made a Word Doc list of both safe and unsafe for me to keep. If you would like me to email you a copy send me an email addr.


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answers from Dallas on

They have soft spouts for the BF sippy cups, that might help.



answers from Dallas on

Well, I do not know if they are BPA free, but my oldest son transition from a bottle to a sippy cup very well with the soft nipple Nuby cups. They are easy for kids to hold and it makes them feel like it is a big boy cup...but not TOO big LOL. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

You may have better luck going directly to an open cup or a cup and a straw. There are many spill proof cups available that use straws. It is actually better for her oral development (and speech development) if she does not use a sippy cup.



answers from Lubbock on

Gerber graduates has a new cup and it has a soft spout.My son 9 months old loves them.He will not drink out of a hard spout cup and is very picky about his cups.



answers from Dallas on

What does BPA free mean? Is this something paranoid moms have made up to get you to buy expensive cups? lol... You must be a first time mom. Any cup is fine, trust me!

I used the sippy cups at Walmart in the huge bin, that have the soft rubbery tops like a nipple at first... it's a smoother transition from the bottle to the cups. Then, when she is used to those, mover her to the hard top cups.



answers from Tyler on

My one year old went from the BF bottle to a real cup also. We prefer to use a small real glass (shot glasses work perfect for their little hands). You do have to help in the beginning but you will be amazed how quickly she will get the hang of it! I am sure this is what babys did before the days of sippy cups:)!



answers from Dallas on

I had one child that went from bottle to a regular cup, never would take a sippy of any kind. Yours may be like her...

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