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Updated on September 23, 2014
G.♣. asks from Springfield, IL
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I know I've seen this topic before, but would you mind helping me out?

My 5 year old has gone through 2 pairs of jeans since school started. Both torn at the crotch, right next to the zipper. Normally I would patch them, but these are hopeless.

I bought him Toughskins from Sears. Is there a better brand for rambunctious boys?

He also goes through gym shoes like crazy, so I'm open to suggestions there, as well!

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So What Happened?

I shop consignment shops, thrift store and Goodwill whenever I can. Maybe it's our neck of the woods, but there are 2 things they rarely have - boys jeans and pajamas. Not sure why, but those are hot items, and not too many people bring them in. I always figured it was because boys tended to rip through them before they outgrew them. I know that's true about my 5 year old. My older son is definitely starting to outgrow things before destroying them, thankfully :-) Unfortunately, his younger brother is not so much his "little" brother and can no longer wear his hand-me-downs.

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answers from San Diego on

I just buy cheap so I don't feel too bad about having to replace them all the time. I have one son that is the killer of pants and shoes. He never outgrows stuff before destroying it. We spent money and bought him proper Levi's and those were worn out faster than the cheap ones we got from Target. That was the last time we wasted money on expensive jeans, hoping they would last longer.
We recently bought him a pair of Vans, hoping those would hold up better. At least they were on super sale, but we're going back to Payless for his next pair. It wasn't worth the extra expense.

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answers from Norfolk on

Maybe some jeans that are a looser fit on him might make it harder for him to rip out the seams.
He can wear a belt to hold them up.
With our son at that age - it was the knees that went.
Double kneed pants lasted longer than most but he could still wear them through if they were a favorite pair of pants.

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answers from Houston on

Thrift store jeans will allow you to buy 5 pair for the price of one at a department store..

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would say Levi's.

Target & Walmart jeans seem to rip easily.

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answers from Detroit on

Levis are made out of thicker denim.. so they don't rip as easily..

I buy most (almost all) of my sons jeans at a kid resale shop..amazingly there must be boys that do not shred their clothes as the resale shops have boysjeans in decent shape..

anyway for $5 or $6 I can get him a slightly used pair of jeans.. and my son can make holes in them.. but at least I didn't spend a lot of money..

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answers from Chicago on

Levi's are the toughest for little boys. Having said that let me add this. All little boys pants should be the following for play clothes. The size should be loose enough to move in, do the splits, have one foot on the floor and the other over their head lol. If pants are so form fitting that they can't do squats etc it will pull in the crotch, the zipper etc. Also the pants that have and stretch in them wear out faster than old fashioned 100 percent cotton Levi's. Gym shoes we got at places like target and Kmart because they went through them so fast.



answers from Detroit on

I have had luck with JC Penney's Arizona brand jeans. Wranglers are also good. Lands End pants hold up very well, but we have never had their jeans.



answers from Wausau on

I generally buy Bailey's Point from ShopKo (or I don't pay the full price though, because they regularly go on sale for 50% off. They are on sale right now.

The loose-fit style fits my kids best (one in slims, one in regulars). It gives them room to move without being baggy, and they have adjustable waistbands in all the sizes.

They have been really durable outside of the occasional accident like getting caught on a playground bolt or something. Usually, my sons end up outgrowing them while they are still wearable so I end up passing them along to another kid.


answers from Boston on

I get jeans at Walmart. My son grows to fast to spend to much on them. When he plays I have him in sport pants, jeans get too dirty and worn out that way. Same with shoes. A cheap pair for play, and nice ones for school.



answers from Washington DC on

Does Sears still replace the clothes for free with their kids club? I don't shop Sears, but I thought that they used to replace the clothes for free as long as it was worn out not grown out of. When it comes to shoes, I really think you get what you pay for. I've had great luck with New Balances, but not so much luck with Nikes.



answers from Norfolk on

I have gone back to good old Levi's. They really do seem to be tougher, last longer and they have an adjustable waistband. Costco sells them in young boy sizes and they are a pretty good deal!

I buy better quality shoes like Stride Rite or Nike. My son wears them everyday and they definitely outlast the cheap ones.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

It does seem like after 5 yrs of age, jeans can't be found as often in consignment or thrift stores. I think all little boys must wear the heck out of them until the knees rip or something else gets wrecked. I still look at those places and found some wrangler brand jeans that held up and are thick. Also had luck with Gap jeans and of course Levi's.

For school and sports, my son likes athletic pants with stretch waist bands for sheer comfort. Now there's something I never find in consignment shops in his size 7-8.

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