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Updated on November 18, 2010
S.M. asks from State College, PA
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My SO and I are waiting until the birth to find out if our little one is a boy or a girl, although he's been referring to baby as "she" since the day we discovered we were pregnant. We already have a girl's name picked out (Willa Rose,) and we had a boy's name chosen (Aidan James) before we started getting comments that everyone, apparently, is naming their sons Aidan. I still really like the name, but I'm not sure I want my child to have one of those generational names. We're looking for names that sound good in conjunction with James, either as a first or middle name. Any suggestions are much welcome.

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So What Happened?

I've compiled a list of names, had them checked out by the sister and the best friend, and here's what we've come up with...
Benjamin (James Benjamin, that is, because as my sister pointed out, his initials would be BJ and he would hate me forever.)

Edit: The only name he liked was Gabriel. He said Elijah was okay (that was one of my favorites,) but that he didn't like the nickname Eli. Back to the drawing board I guess.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I'll give you the names that my hubby has nixed so maybe someone can use it, ha! I love:

Preston James
Oliver James
Greyson James (call him Grey)
Asher James
Henry James
I also really love the name Jamison for a first name.

Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

S. M.
I know you said you did not want any generational names but the name Patrick James just sounds so strong to me.
Gregory James
Spencer James
Reese James
Preston James
Good Luck.

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answers from Allentown on

Hi, S.:
Change the sequence to
James Aidan.
Good luck. D.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My middle son is Ryder James.



answers from Lake Charles on

Cameron James
Ethan JAmes
James Michael
James Allen
Marcus James
James Cole
Brock James
Cason James
Corbin James
Caleb James
Scott James
Preston James
Lawson James
Brent James
Gregory James
Collin James
Cooper James

I could go on... I love thinking of names!
I like the name Aidan, but it is VERY popular where I live, for boys and even girls!
Good luck and let us know what ya'll decide on.



answers from Dallas on

Hey my name is M. I have two beautiful baby boys I had thought of thosands of names and came up with Joeangel,and Isaiah thats what i named them we thought about Damien,Maliki,Duaries,Angel,Lorenzo,Mike, and Martin I hope one of these names are helpful for you good luck and congrats !!! :}


answers from San Francisco on

I like Eric and Evan. Too bad about the name Aiden, I like that too, but you're right, it is very trendy right now!



answers from Los Angeles on

Names are an interesting topic.
I like more traditional, now not so popular (which is GREAT) and strong. My FAV is: Micheal James
Daniel James
Tyler James
and if you wanted...Jesse James!

Family Success Coach



answers from San Francisco on

I like Gabriel James. If you go with Benjamin, I agree that Benjamin would need to be the middle name. Imagine the teasing. Kids are so cruel, of course they learn it from us. =) We elminated several names due to the nick name they could be called.



answers from York on

A name that sounds similar, but is more unique is Eamon. It's pronounced Ay-min, and it's Irish if that's part of your heritage. Eamon James has a nice ring to it.



answers from Columbus on

I have two boys: Logan and Landon. Both would sound good with James. And, I don't mind if you use either name! :)

I also like:
William (Will)

Just to name a few....Best of luck!!



answers from New York on

You have a fantastic name, Willa Rose is beautiful...I am so happy you are reconsidering Aiden. No offense to anyone but its so common, I just groan a little everytime I hear it. I love James, great choice. You have gotten a lot of good feedback. I personally love Henry. Goes nicely with James.


answers from San Francisco on

Aidan is a beautiful and old name, but yes it has been very very trendy for the last 5 years or so. I love the Baby Name wizard Website. Every name has a graph showing its popularity, as well as name meanings and suggestions for other names you might like (you could even enter in 'Willa' and some boy name suggestions will show up). They also have active user comments/message boards. I don't work for them or anything, I just loved this site when I was deciding on a name for our baby. Good luck and congratulations!


answers from New York on

I happen to like Matthew James :)



answers from Sharon on

My Grandsons name id Davin. Never heard it befor nor have I heard it since. At first I wasnt sure about it but its a nice name for a boy.



answers from Fort Collins on

This site is really fun (and useful) for finding names:
Check out the "Graph a Name" and "Map a Name" options -- they're entertaining but also helpful if you're trying to avoid a generational name.
Enjoy and best of luck! (Congratulations as well!)



answers from Washington DC on

- William James
- Cody James
- James Butler :-)



answers from Provo on

we had the same problem with Jaden. i still love that name, but it is crazy popular now. i suggest looking at your favorite literature for names. for our daughter's middle name i had the soundtrack of one of our favorite japanese anime shows running through my head a lot during the last trimester. so we looked up japanese names on the internet and found many we liked.



answers from Springfield on

How about Aaron James

Best Wishes!



answers from Dallas on

Our son's name is Rylan, and there are very few Rylans out there. That would sound good with James. ;) My hubby and I knew that we wanted something Irish, and this was the one name that we could completely agree on. I really liked Aiden as well. Good luck!!!



answers from Indianapolis on

I'd recommend visiting the Social Security Administration's website. Aiden/Aidan was really popular the past few years, but I haven't heard as many babies recently with it.

You can search by name, gender, state, year. We personally didn't want names that had any level of popularity. We'd wanted to go with Braden when expecting our son 4 years ago. Thank goodness we didn't - he had 2 in his day care class (10 kids).



answers from Philadelphia on

What about Morgan James?



answers from Erie on

Great suggestions so far... how about Martin? Could be either James Martin or Martin James...



answers from Raleigh on

I have a friend who's boy's names are Micah and Elisah (they used s instead of J just to be different:) and call him Eli as well) and I love both of those names!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do know MANY Aidans around here.

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