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Updated on May 10, 2011
B.J. asks from Longview, TX
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Hello ladies,

I think I have finally narrowed my name choices down-Kade, Jason, Korbin or Jaxson. I am still having a hard time to decide, my top pick is Kade.

I have no idea about middle names that would go with any of them. I have two girls and their names came to me very easy. I am not sure why I am having a difficult time with a baby boy name.

Let me know which name you like and a middle name that goes with it, I am at a lost and only have 13 weeks to go!!!!


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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the suggestions!! Keep them coming...We have not had a boy in our family for 26 years so as far as spellings, I dont care how they are spelled. I just want a good "man" name. I do agree Kade does look feminine so if I use it, I will use a "C". Jaxson isnt my favorite pick thats what my other half likes...I dont too much care for. :)

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answers from Austin on

Since you asked for opinions...

I don't care for Cade/Kade. Makes me think of "cad" which is defined as 'a man who acts with deliberate disregard for another's feelings or rights'.

Don't care for Jaxson. Prefer Jackson. At least he wouldnt have to spell his name the rest of his life.

Corbin is interesting. Don't care for it with a K. If you go with that, I think a strong traditional name would compliment it. Like, Corbin James... I'm also partial to the nickname CJ.

Jason is nice. You could use it as the middle name.

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answers from Sacramento on

I would go with Jason. It's not used much right now and it's a nice name. Jaxson just makes me want to correct the spelling (sorry, but I'm a writer ...).

Jason Matthew
Jason Michael
Jason Daniel
Jason Andrew

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answers from Los Angeles on

I love different names and I LOVE Kade and Jackson/Jaxson. I highly doubt that having a different name will prevent him from making money (no offense Page). I think with Kade, you need a two syllable middle name, like Matthew or William. With Jaxson, you need a one syllable name. It keeps it balanced. Have you thought of putting two of them together? Like Jaxson Kade or Kade Jaxson?

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answers from New York on

Ok, its your child so please don't be offended. My friend named her son Cade. It sounds like a made-up name. People constantly ask if his name is Kate or Cake. Why the X in Jackson? Jason sounds like an 80's name but I like Corbin but with a C. As far as middle names go, why not pick a name that has meaning to you, like someone you admire in your family or out in the world. To me, Corbin James sounds nice. But like I said, he's your boy and you gotta go with something you really love.

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answers from Boston on

Out of your choices I think the name Jason is the best, it's just a nice name and looks good on paper. You could always do Jason Kade, I like that.

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answers from Washington DC on

Voting here for "traditional" spellings as others have done. I have unusually spelled first and last names and though I've never minded spelling them for folks, I can see how it would be a pain to go through life spelling your name, hearing it mispronounced, etc.

Why not Cade or Corbin? And Jaxson -- he will spend his whole life spelling it and answering questions about it. Jackson is a great name. If the sounds are the same, why go for the unusual spellings? To make him different from other Cades or Corbins or Jacksons? I don't know a single Cade or Corbin among my child's friends or even in our whole school so those names would still stand out if spelled with a C.

If you are really in love with the idea of unusual spellings, why not give him a first name (that you will call him) that's more traditionally spelled and go unusual on the second name: Corbin Kade, or Cade Jaxon etc.

My friend's son is Caden, another great name.

Also, think about how "Jaxson" or "Korbin" will appear in 25 years' time when he's an adult and a professional. Names and spellings that are cute for little kids don't necessarily wear well on adults. Just a thought.

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm going to agree with spelling the names more traditionally. Why would you want him to have to spell Jaxson 27,843 times? That's a lot of time spent spelling his name, when he could be doing something useful like...making money.

Of the four, I like Kade, but I prefer the traditional spelling of Corbin as well. Kade is unique and nontraditional enough that spelling it with either K or C will work.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I like Jason the best, then Jackson (I would not choose your spelling) and use Cade as a middle name (not with the K though, too feminine I think).

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answers from Laredo on

Well, Jason is my fave, since my first son is Jason Andrew. ;-) But the perfect name can come from anywhere. Hubby and I had a very hard time with boy #2's name. We were discussing names in a restaurant that was located on Harrison St. That reminded me of Harrison Ford, which got me thinking about the character he played, John Patrick Ryan, and there was the perfect name for my son: Ryan Patrick! (Good thing I hadn't watched StarWars recently, or my son could be Han Solo, haha!)
So, random trains of thought could lead you to the perfect name. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Love Cade...but I think if you spell with a "k" it makes it appear feminine. Friends I know have used "C" for their boys.


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answers from Honolulu on

Well, out of all of the names, I like Kade best.
Or Korbin.
But I like Cade, better per spelling, as the previous poster suggested.

I do not like, Jaxson, at all.
I also do not like Jason.
It reminds me of the horror movies.

What name does your Husband like?

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answers from Salt Lake City on

My brother's name is Jason Christopher. It just seems to flow (but maybe because I've heard it since I was little).

If you pick Kade or Cade, I would suggest a middle name with two or three syllables, especially if you last name is short. I just think it sounds better to have a balance of short and not-so-short.

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answers from Chicago on

Don't like Kade...Sounds sounds like you're calling your son kid.

I do like Korbin or Jason and Jaxon. :)


answers from Bloomington on

I like Kade the best!
Kade Michael
Kade Matthew
Kade Lucas
Kade Owen



answers from Houston on

Okay you asked! My son's name is Michael Charles. We call him Chase. He will ALWAYS be Chase to me. That is what we should have named him but my hubby wanted a Jr. Yuck! I didn't want a "Big Mike", "Little Mike" and MJ reminded my of a girl I went to HS with or MC, hello MC Hammer??! So Chase it was and Chase it is!!

For the middle name, look at family names. My dad's middle name is Allen, so Allen is my brother's son's middle name (my nephew).

I like Jaxson and call him Jax. Boys are fun but so different than little girls!! Enjoy your "little man".


answers from Minneapolis on

Cade is a great name, and you can pair it with your husbands name to make for a good strong name. Jason is also a good name that hasn't been used in years. My friend just named her little boy Jason.

I like Jackson, this spelling. Its very popular though. I don't care for Corbin/Korbin at all.

What about Curtis, Stephen, Joseph, Anthony, Asher, Abram.....



answers from Austin on

Go on a baby name meanings website and see what the name means. Some will really hit as a special one and some may be ruled out. Some sites are better than others so you may have to look around.


answers from Houston on

I like Kade Anderson, as long as your last name isn't Cooper ;) I also like Kade Daniel or Kade Evan. I also like the idea of the name Kade with a family name as the middle name for example Kade Davidson, or something like that. It is a name that can pull a family name as the middle name well I think, so if there is some nice family last name that you could incorporate, that would be my personal fave. My father's name is like that, he has a family name from his mother's side as his middle name and it sounds good. I just did Kade since that was your top pick :D



answers from Austin on

Korbin Ray is what we we planning on naming our son, but ultimately decided on Gavin Rai (still pronounced ray)



answers from Houston on

Kade William

Korbin is my fave ; Korbin Xavier

Jason Alexander
Jaxson Kade sounds good together too.



answers from San Antonio on

Our son's name is Jackson Trevor ( people always ask me if it's spelled Jaxon- go figure).
I like James Alexander it just sounds like a strong boy name. A friend of mine just had a little boy on Good Friday and his name is Cade Mitchell.
James, Caleb, or Daniel are all also good solid traditional names


answers from Chicago on

It may just be the way my head pronnounces it but I think Kade would be a nice female name ... probably saying it wrong though ... Jason Alexander could be a nice "grown up name" for the future ... Korbin James also sounds nice, Jaxson Lee has a nice ring ... nothing for Kade because if I am pronnouncing it wrong a suggestion may not be right! Oh, and sorry if there are any repeats did not read the other responses did not want to be influenced.


answers from Cincinnati on

I too would go with the "C". Cade and Corbin are both great choices. Cade is short, so you could go with a long middle name. - Cade Alexander, Cade Benjamin, Cade Donovan, Etc.



answers from Daytona Beach on

my little ones middle name is Dewey. sorta out there but we love it (also his grandfather's name and his dad's middle name). My grandfather's middle name was Lanier and my nephews middle name also. I think Kade Lanier sounds good. Jaxson Dewey.



answers from Los Angeles on

My boys' middle names are after grandfathers and their father. Except for my youngest. His middle name is my maiden name. I've had a lot of people tell me they like that idea. I always liked the name Rory for a boy, but my husband was dead against it! Or what about 'Seven' (just a Seinfeld joke ;) )



answers from Houston on

Keegan or Gavin.




answers from Victoria on

Just using the names you gave i like Kade Korbin or Kade Jaxson. I am not the best with names and not knowing your last name I dont know how it will all sound together. Here is a link that helps with baby names. It also has an advanced setting to see if the kid got bullied with the name and if they liked there name!!!



answers from Oklahoma City on

I love Jaxon Kade that is a beautiful name!


answers from Los Angeles on

I like Kade...and Jaxon!

What about Jaxson/Jaxon Kade?

Can't go wrong with Jason either!

My oldest son's name is Korbin (spelled with the 'K' and the 'I', my initials) obviously I LOVE it...and I am obviously going to vote No, don't use it :) Sorry, just being honest!

I have seen Corbin spelled like Korben and it is cute that way too, just FYI.

~Thought you were thinking the 'ee' or 'y' ending? Changed your mind?
It sure is hard choosing the perfect name, huh? Good Luck!

**Gotta be honest, I am now officially totally bummed! I have managed almost 8 years with out seeing someone else want to use my son's name (the exact same spelling and all). I know it always happens that way soon as you name them and they are here you hear of someone else named that same name! I am not crazy and I know my son isn't the only guy with this name...but...still a bummer though!



answers from Chicago on

I like Korbin Hunter or Kade Henry



answers from Austin on

It is hard to come up with middle names without your last name to see how it will flow. PLEASE give him a name that he won't constantly have to spell for everyone the rest of his life. Cade, not Kade, is the more normal spelling. Likewise, Corbin or Jackson. That way he can just say his name, not always be saying "Kade, K-A-D-E" instead of just Cade.
So, having gotten that off my chest :)
Good middle names might be classics like Michael, William, John, Thomas, that he could use if he wanted a more "traditional" name. You could also use your maiden name as his middle name.
Congratulations on adding a little boy to your family!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Korbin is my favorite, I really like that name. It is different but not too different. I like what others have suggested Korbin James, or how about Korbin Michael. You could always do Korbin Jaxson. I like Jason, that is a solid name. Jason Alexander, Jason Andrew, or Jason Scott. I have to admit I don't like Kade, that is just my opinion. It does not sound like a real name to me. I don't care for Jaxson either, the spelling is fine I just think it has been over done. There was a burst of Jaxson's for a few years so they are every where.
When you see your little man you may instantly know what his name should be. Or just go with your gut, you don't want to have future regrets that you chose the wrong name. This is your child and the only people that have to Love the name are you and your husband.
I think my favorite story about a baby name was that the baby boy was named Justin, because he arrived Just -in time. It worked for them so you could always keep an open mind.
Good Luck :)



answers from Dallas on

My advice, since you are using "hard" sounds for your first name, try using
"softer" sounds for the middle name. So think "sss", "ley" "ha" "ee" "th" etc. It might help :-/

My favorite names for a boy are Darcy and Presley so I guess I'm more of a soft sounds fan. IDK, good luck though!


answers from St. Louis on

What about just using Kade Jason? 1 syllable 1st names go good w. 2 syllable mid names.



answers from Houston on

I love Kade Jason



answers from Anchorage on

If it is the right name you will know, so if Kade is the one that says something to you, go with it. As for middle names, I like to use family names. My oldest has the same middle name as Daddy which is also Great Grandma's maiden name, and my youngest shares his middle name with 2 great grandpa's on my side of the family.



answers from Jackson on

If we would of heard the following name just a few weeks sooner we would have surely named our son this. Plus the name would have certainly suited him well.

The name: Crew (I think it sounds so strong and powerful)

We actually named him: Brady Nicholas

Best of luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I like the name Kade! You said you liked the name Jason and Jaxson why not Kade Jaxson or Kade jason?I think they go together well and are cute,esp Jaxson!I used family names for middle names.My oldest has his uncles first name for his middle,my daughters middle name is my MIL's maiden name,and my youngest son has my Husbands middle name.Kain Jaxson is cute too.I also like Kade Alexander,I think the short first names go good with a longer middle name.Hope this helps =)

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