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Updated on November 02, 2010
K.A. asks from Arlington, TX
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We are expecting a boy in two months. His middle name will be Daniel (my husband's name). We have two girls - Catarina and Miranda. The name needs to sound good in both Spanish and English because my husband's family is from South America, and some of them still live there. Any suggestions? We don't want anything that is super popular right now. Thank you!

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answers from Seattle on

About half of my husband's family lives in S. America -Chile, Argentina, Brazil, but brazil isn't spanish- (the other half in Italy). Here are some of their names (yay facebook). They're mostly 5 generations out from Italy, but some may have an Italian bent to them.

Alejandro, Enrique, Marcenaro, Damaso, Daniel, Daniele, Diario, Diego, Domingo, Enrico, Felipe, Franco, Gabriel, Eduardo, Jaime, Andres, Esteban, Juan, Leonardo, Luciano, Paolo, Roberto, Rodrigo, Sergio, Simon, Tomas, Vicente, Cristian, Danilo, Fredrico, Fernando, Ignacio, Marcos.

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answers from Dallas on

Esteban, Gabriel, Xavier, Roberto, Elias, Alexander (Alejandro), Patricio, Guillermo (William).. I've always loved the way Guillermo sounds.

Good luck :)

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answers from New York on

I like Alejandro, Cristian and Gabriel, but I think Cristian goes best with the middle name Daniel that you've chosen.



answers from New York on

Robert.. Roberto Michael Miguel Alex Alejandro I work with a guy who is from Costa Rica.. and his name is Christian Albert Alberto I hope this helps.. good luck..


answers from Dover on

What about Matthew or Michael?



answers from Sacramento on

Romeo, Eduardo, Joquin, Cesar, Domingo, Andres



answers from Atlanta on

I like Mario and Alejandro. I always thought of Mario as strictly Italian, but I've met a few Hispanic Marios lately.


answers from Philadelphia on

Rico is spanish for Noble Ruler.... Just a thought

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