Boxer Lost Use of Back Leg

Updated on May 04, 2009
K.G. asks from Clairton, PA
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I have a female boxer, who is about 6 months old. She was fine most of the morning today and then layed down on the couch. She seemed to be feeling a bit "sick" and was just laying around, not like her usual self. I went to let her outside and discovered that when I put her down on the floor, she seemed to have no feeling in her back right leg. She is holding it up and not putting any pressure on it. She doesn't seem to be in any pain though. I've felt around and see nothing. It's kind of like her leg is just hanging there.

I don't think that my son or other dog had anything to do with it, as we were all together all day.

Obviously, if this persists, i will take her to the vet, but being that it is Sunday, they are not open. One thing i was thinking is that she may be getting ready to go into heat for the first time. I'm not sure if that would have anything to do with it though. I'm just a little scared for her and completely stumped.

Anyone have any ideas?

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So What Happened?

I took the dog to the vet last night. They think that she may have just hurt herself while playing. She was prescribed some medication to help with the inflammation and pain though. She seemed to be doing a lot better this morning. Still not quite the same, but at least she's walking. Thanks for your suggestions!

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Hi K.--I'm sorry your dog is not well and worrying you. I'm sure you're already going to the vet today to get it checked out--maybe she just twisted something while playing and it's sore. While you're there, definitely ask about getting her spayed, too--this will save you lots more worry and extend her life expectancy. Good luck!

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there are emergency vets open at different hours. take the dog to the vet. you do not want it to be serious to the point she will not be able to use her leg again? what if the dog had a stroke or something?



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I understand how you feel, I have a female boxer who did the same thing last year around Christmas time. She had just turned 1 and would not use her hind leg. She would not do this all the time, but did do it alot. We took her to the vet, and he told us that it was a hollow spot in the leg, the get this sometimes when they grow quickly (Growing Pains). They gave her some pain medication to take for a week or two, and now she is fine. It could also be a torn ACL. I would take her to the vet to be sure. Good Luck!




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IF she is not walking much try to keep her from doing much. Our dog had a problem once and we took her to the vets. They gave her some type of pain meds and said to make sure she did not go up and down steps. Steps and them jumping even on the furniture will bother it.
You could wait and give it a day or two. She may just have a mild injury. If she is in too much pain then it maybe best to take her to the vets.
We have a beagle bassett and he was walking and his leg got twisted in the leash. He did not want to put weight on it the next day. I just keep him in alot and only let him out to go. We also did not let him jump. He was fine in a few days. We did not take him to the vet. It is hard whne our furbabies are hurt or sick as they can not tell us what is wrong. Good luck



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Please take her to the vet and while you are there make an appt. for her to be neutered once she is feeling better. There are too many unwanted shelter dogs, our pets need to be spayed or neutered. I hope she is OK. Let us all know how she is doing.



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TAKE HER TO THE VET ASAP!!! My mom went through this with 2 of her boxers...all we've ever owned. I don't remember exactly what it was, but a ligament or something along those lines and neither dog had injured it. 1 was older around 5 yrs when it happened...the other was around a year. Both required surgery. We lost Holly last year(the older one)... the younger one still has problems with it off and on. Feel free to message me any questions and I'll ask my mom for you. Good Luck!!!


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Hi K.,

Take your dog to the vet.

Good luck. D.



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I'd call the vet. We had the same issue about a month ago with our male boxer (best breed EVER!), and he never whined or flinched when we manipulated his leg. We bent it every which way, pressed on his hip, leg, ankle, foot, etc and got no reaction from him except that he'd put no weight on it. The vet did the same, and got a reaction from him when she was near his knee, and told us that it was likely a 'play injury' to a tendon/ligament. She gave him anti-inflammatories and he's fine now.

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