Bounce House Birthday Invitaion Wording

Updated on April 07, 2008
N.P. asks from Allen, TX
6 answers

I've had great success with mamasource for finding party favors for my daughters 6th birthday party! Thanks!!!

Now I am looking for a cute way to word her invitations! I want to use the words bounce or jump! Any ideas????


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answers from Dallas on

Jump on over and Bounce with Joy as we celebrate ______ 6th birthday!

Let's jump and bounce to celebrate _______ 6th birthday!

Ton's of jumping and lots of bounce! Come help celebrate ______ 6th birthday!

Hope these help!

"Hand Stuff A New Friend!"



answers from Dallas on

Come bounce with us and show us your tricks
as your good friend, (name here), celebrates turning six.



answers from Dallas on

Jump on over to _____ house for her 6th bday party!

Hop on over....

We're jumping for joy - ____ is 6 - please help us celebrate....

come on over for a hopping good time.....

_____'s bday is just a hop, skip and a jump away.....

Hope those help get you [email protected]



answers from Dallas on

N., No great ideas myself, but is the best website for theme parties, from invitations to favors. People post what they did for their kids' party and you can use their ideas. I've used so many other people's gift of creativity that they share on the site and have thrown some really fun parties for my kids. Have fun!



answers from Dallas on

Jump at the chance to party...

(inside might say:)
Please come to my bounce house party ...etc.


Want to add some bounce/pep/zip to your life?
Hop/Jump/Bounce on over to [Jessica's] party on Sat, April 12th

What a fun idea!



answers from Nashville on

My son is having his 3rd birthday at a Jump Town and I am ordering his invitations at They have a CUTE bounce house invitation! Little more expensive than invites you can buy at Wal-Mart but I'm not getting that many and they're a splurge. Hope this helps.

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