Boudoir Photos for Husband???

Updated on August 26, 2010
J.F. asks from Raeford, NC
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I've always wanted to do boudoir photos for my husband, but I've always been apprehensive because of my size. I'm a big woman, and feel very uncomfortable taking off clothes for anyone BUT my husband! Any big girls out there get some pictures done for their hubbies??

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answers from Minneapolis on

My friends actually do boudoir photos, and she does them beautifully. She says that it's a great time because she loves to make the women feel beautiful. I say that you should go for it!

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answers from Spartanburg on

IIf you mean posed, elegantly sexy photos, I'll admit it...I did it before getting married!!!! It was my gift to my future hubby and a reminder of my youth for my future self . It was fun! If you get a good photographer you will come out beautiful, regardless of your size..definitely a self-esteem booster. I say, do it!!! I chose a female photographer and it was not akward or embarassing. The poses were soft and aimed at making me look beautiful. I cherish them.
Each one of us is beautiful in our own special way, photography can capture that. Have fun!!

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answers from Richmond on

That's so awesome! Our anniversary is next month and I'm totally stealing your idea ;) I would either a- find a friend who wants to do it too. Have a ladies night sleepover, have a few glasses of wine to relax and open up a little, get all dolled up and a little less dressed, put some good music on, and take turns taking pictures of either other OR b- find a good, reputable photographer. A true professional is going to make you feel sexy and get you to give your all to the camera without making you feel silly or uncomfortable. Best wishes!! I hope you have SO much fun with this!! :)

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answers from Nashville on

have you go a digital that has a timer. if you do. try it yourself when no one is at home. or if you have a really good girl friend that could come over and take them it might be fun. i can not even think about someone seeing me naked. i don't even like to see myself. anyway have fun with it. R.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yup. ;) My suggestion to you is find something to feel amazing in, it will make you feel more comfortable. Good Luck!

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answers from Houston on

I would totally do it, but my husband would be upset that I did that in front of someone else.

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answers from Louisville on

im just like you! only i think my hubby would get freaked out if i did that i know i cant even look at myself in the mirror and i make him turn off the lights during sex. maybe one day i will feel comfortable... i am interested to see what other women say



answers from Nashville on

I am not a big girl but I say go for it! He is attracted to you and loves you the way you are! I bet there are certain places that take pics of just your size. If you have a GOOD friend maybe they can take them. You don't have to show much, you can just look sexy from breast up, hold a blanket in front of you and just show profile of your backside skin and only your side, no back or front....bend over a bit....
lay on a bed with a blanket over your front....
Have fun!

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