Bottom Pain with No Rash

Updated on November 26, 2018
S.R. asks from Petersburg, IN
7 answers

My one year old has been having bottom pain on and off today. It even just woke her up from her sleep. I thought it was from a rash so I changed her, but there was very very minimal redness and I wouldn’t really call it a rash. But she screamed so loud in pain as I put on Desitin. She has had horrible rashes in the past but never once did she cry out like this. Also if I just barely pat her bottom (I do this to help calm her) she cries out in pain. I’m thinking maybe something else is going on but have no idea. She is currently on Augmentin for bronchitis, and have been adding probiotics as a precaution. I don’t know what to do.

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answers from Springfield on

I wouldn't assume you know why she is screaming. If you aren't able to calm or she's screaming and you can't figure out what's causing it, give the nurse a call.

It's amazing sometimes the questions the nurse will ask me that never would have occurred to me (to be connected or even something to be looking at). Those pediatric nurses know their stuff!!! Call the nurse and let her (or him) know what you're seeing. The nurse will help you figure it out.

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answers from San Francisco on

You don't know what to do? CALL THE DOCTOR.

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answers from Boston on

How do you know what woke her up? She's not talking enough to tell you that, right? How do you know it's her butt that hurts? Does she cry more often when she's sitting upright?

This could be as simple as constipation. It could be teething and not related to her butt at all (you don't give us enough info).

Your pediatrician has a 24/7 telephone line. I don't understand why you would go on a mom advice site and wait for answers from amateurs instead of calling that number for free to get an instant answer from the office of the doctor who knows your child the best.

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answers from Washington DC on

if a non-verbal child is screaming in pain and you have no idea what's causing it, i'm thinking a call to your local nurse hot-line is in order.

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answers from Portland on

If she's screaming - call the pediatrician's office.

How did you know that's what woke her? Is she talking?

Not really following.

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answers from Portland on

Call the advice nurse at the clinic or at the hospital.

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answers from Norfolk on

What does your doctor say?

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