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Updated on July 15, 2010
N.L. asks from Asheville, NC
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I need to buy new bottles for my baby (he is 5 months)... Currently I'm using "Born Free" brand... Any other recommendation?? These ones are OK (I'm a new mom and have no experience about bottles) but after a few months they are leaking from the collar... Is that normal? Thanks!

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answers from Sarasota on

Dr. Brown's are good. They also have built in straws so the baby can learn to hold the bottle himself. Good luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

Hello. I have always used Dr. Browns bottles, for both of my sons. I had tried several different kinds but loved the Dr. Browns. They prevented my boys from being gassy and they have a variety of nipple sizes. I have also heard many other moms speak highly of them, as well as my noticing other ppl using them without speaking to them about it. I hope this helps!

Take care & good luck!


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answers from Boca Raton on

No it is not normal for your bottles to leak after only 5 months, but I've never used the Born Free brand. I used the Breast Flow bottles when my daughter was very small, but switched to Avent later. I also had some Playtex brand bottles (not drop-ins), but didn't like them as much. I did have a few hand-me-down bottles from other companies, but can't recall what they were. Anyway, I never had any trouble with any of them leaking, and we used the bottles to some extent until she was at least a year old.



answers from Tampa on

I've heard good things about Dr. Brown's bottles. I'm an Avent fan. My sister used them for her daughter and loved them. My son just turned a year old and I'm weaning him, and the Avent bottles have worked great for us (have been using them for about five months)! As a previous poster said, there are different stage nipples and these bottles are also good for gas prevention.



answers from Tallahassee on

We also used the Dr. Brown bottles. They are wonderful. Lots of parts but GREAT!



answers from St. Louis on

I loved my Dr. Brown's bottles. A lot of moms swear by them. If you do go with them get the bpa free plastic and but the special dishwasher baskets. I hand washed at first and my hands got sooo dry but then they came out with the bpa free bottles and you could wash them in the dishwasher. I always had a formula mixer to mix the powder and H2O together. You can get the mixers @ babys r us for a couple of $ and you don't get the bubbles in the bottle from shaking it. My daughter was colicy and I thought they really helped. If I have another baby I will def get them again and not waste my $ on any other bottles.


answers from Cleveland on

I didn't use bottles much, but when i did i used the Advent ones..besides being BPA free, they also have different stages of nipples and sizes of bottles. I never had a leak or a problem with them



answers from Tallahassee on

I am currently on the bottle hunt myself. With my first I used Advent. They were neither spectacular or bad... They were durable, lasting her entire "bottle phase", and there were the occasional leaks. I'm expecting again and I thought this time that I would try the glass Born Free, or glass Life Factory. I'm done with plastic... Sure all the BPA is gone now, but what will they find next?


answers from New York on

I used the Avent bottles, I sometimes had a problem with leaking but if I just open them and close them again they will stop, so I guess it was me not closing them right.


answers from Harrisburg on

I also used the Playtex Drop-Ins, they are super easy and my daughter never had a problem with them. We only had one instance where the collar cracked and leaked; other than that they were perfect!



answers from Tampa on

I would have to say, after having gone through two babies, that most bottles are over rated! As a first time mom, I did the same thing you are doing....searching for the best. But in reality, the best is subjective to Mom and really up to the baby. With my first son I started with playtex with the bags and then tried Dr Browns and then ended up with the Advent Ventair (sp) and the regular Advent (for juice) which was the least expensive of the 3 and worked better. With my second son, I obviously started with the Advent because they worked the best the first time around, but they did not do so hot for my second. I then tried a few other "top of the line" bottles at other Moms suggestions, but then one day at daycare the teacher asked me if I had tried walmart's brand parents choice. Of course I thought to myself, what does Walmart know about making bottles. But, I decided to buy a pack and see what happened. THEY WERE AWESOME! I am pretty sure that my first son would have done perfect with them as well.

Moral of the story - they don't have to be name brand or what everyone else is using. You might consider trying the basic "old fashioned" bottles by Parents Choice at Walmart. They are inexpensive and last forever! I never had one problem with them leaking or breaking. They vented well and my son never had another gas problem again!

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

We just used the Evenflo Classics, they work great and are BPA free.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

As a mom: For my daughter I use Playtex VentAire Advanced & we love them.

As a Child Care Professional: Do not put the nipples or rings in the dishwasher. For some reason this slightly mis-shapes the nipples which will cause the bottles to leak.

The bottles above also have a plastic seal that goes in the bottom & these do not need to be placed in the dishwasher either. Just hand wash in hot water & once about every 3 weeks you may want to boil the nipples in water for 2 minutes.

Hopes this helps!



answers from Anchorage on

I liked advent, and I used Drop ins style bottles when traveling because all I had to do was clean the nipples and throw away the bags, so less room was taken in the diaper bag.



answers from Honolulu on

The "MAM" brand which you can get from Amazon.
It is BPA free, and the nipple is real natural.
My son, even if I breastfed, loved this bottle.
It also accumulates NO air bubbles in the bottle as the baby drinks.
It is also cute and reasonably priced, and comes in 3-packs.
It is hard to find in stores, but Amazon has it.
Its used in Europe commonly.
I have had no problems with it leaking... you just put the parts together, while it is still wet with water, to increase the seal.

all the best,



answers from Little Rock on

Dr. Browns are amazing. I used them with my daughter who had no problems with gas or colic EVER. I think the bottles make a huge difference. They never leaked. We do not have a dishwasher but they were easy to clean. I didnt mind the extra parts. I used the same bottles for 10 months and never had to replace anything (except buying faster flow nipples). The reason she only used them for 10 months is because she refused to take a bottle after that so we moved on to sippy cups. Now she is almost a year and she is drinking out of straw sippy now. I hope this helps good luck.



answers from Jacksonville on

I used Dr Brown's bottles which are supposed to help prevent colic etc. My son did great with them...but he's been a really easy child. Anyway, if you choose to use those, just make sure you put them together properly or they will also leak. Once you know how to put them together it isn't difficult.
Good luck and congratulations! Enjoy him....everyone has probably already told you that 'time goes by fast' but no one really knows what that means until they experience it! My baby is already 2 and more of a kid then a's good, but it was really fast...



answers from Huntsville on

Definitely Dr. Brown's!! They are awesome! We started out with the Playtex Drop Ins, but my daughter would get so gassy. Switched to Dr. Brown's & she was TONS better! :)

They do have extra parts, but if you rinse all the parts right after you use them, they aren't hard to clean.



answers from Miami on

I use born free for sippy cups. We tried them for bottles, but my daughter didn't like the nipple. We ended up with Dr. Brown's, which worked great for her (totally different shaped nipple, though). You may want to be sure you get a similarly shaped nipple to Born Free if your son is at all particular.

As far as Born Free goes, we had issues with leaking around the collar. You may just need to replace some parts or all of them. We had to replace all of the clear, rubbery gaskets on ours. And thankfully, that happened around the time we switched from the 1st stage trainers to the toddler ones. I mention it just in case you really don't want to switch. Also, if you put the parts in the dishwasher, the heat may be breaking down the softer parts (the gasket and the nipple). I started handwashing those parts and they have lasted a lot longer. I would just hate to see you switch if BF is working for you.

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