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Updated on October 01, 2009
A.M. asks from El Paso, TX
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Hi Girls and John! :). Hope you all are doing well today. We have the Dr. Brown's bottles and really like them except they have all started leaking. We make sure it's put together right, the tops screwed on tightly, and it's usually no more than half full and certainly below the fill line. Ugh! More milk ends up on us and my little one's shirt than in his tummy. Has anyone else had this problem? Any other bottle suggestions? I usually breastfeed, so this is just for an occasional feeding. Thanks in advance! I handwash and sterilize using the avent microwave steamer...

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answers from Corpus Christi on

I agree with Karen. For a breast fed baby the playtex bottles with the large nipples and the inserts are the best. Hand washing is the best way to keep your bottles intact. I used regular old cheapy walmart bottles with my daughter and didn't have any issues. The only time they would leak was if my husband didn't put the cap on right. :D

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answers from Killeen on

I have a friend who wanted those same bottles for her kids because they were touted to be "the absolute best thing" for a kid who was not breast feeding and she had huge guilt issues over not being able to get the breast feeding thing going with her son.

Long story short, she cussed up one end and down the other with those very same bottles because after a couple of uses they would leak no mater which method of sanitization she used or how she tried putting them together. She was so peeved she dumped them all into the trash and finally took my advice to try the platex ones...She liked these much better...

I will say...for platex, the newer type of playex bottle that does not use the insert is VERY nice...I used those and the original for my twins and I used the original for my oldest...

But are not alone, this can and does happen with this brand of bottle... ;-)

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answers from Austin on

My gut says something is not right with the some aspect of the bottle/nipple parts. How are you washing or sanitizing these? If you're putting your bottles in the dishwasher, maybe its too hot or there's a soap or hard water residual building up on the parts and breaking the seal?

I used the playtex bottles (with the breast milk storage bags, so I used the same bags as the ones for storing breastmilk; when we switched to formula, I bought the bottle insert "bags"). Never had any leak issues. But then, I didn't machine wash the bottle parts either. Hand washed the nipples/bottle components and sanitized them separately.

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answers from Sherman on

We used the avent bottles with all 3 of our children (for occasional feedings we well) with no problems. In fact, I just passed the bottles down to my SIL for her new baby.

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answers from Victoria on

this would happen if we filled it past that do not fill line. we used both dr. and playtex...the kind with the vent on the bottom.

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