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Updated on June 14, 2010
S.P. asks from Keokuk, IA
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My daughter just turned one and I am weaning her off the formula and onto Vit D milk. Currently we are still using bottles for the milk (3 times a day) but I am wanting to start switching it to sippy cups. The thing is, I have tried sippy cups with her a few times and she doesn't really get much out of them. How do you do the switch so they still get the milk that is needed?

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

When she sits down for a meal give her the sippy cup. Not the bottle. Eventually she will pick it up and give it a try. I would start off with the ones that have a rubber tip and handles. At 12 months her hands may be too small to grasp a cup with no handle. And try the sippy cup yourself to see if it's working well. We have a couple of Learning Curve cups that even I can't get anything out of. And do it consistently, every meal and don't leave it out.

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The only thing that worked for us with 2 kids was to go cold turkey. Our son is 4 today, and on his first birthday, we packed-up all the bottles and only gave him sippy cups as an option. He had no interest before that despite multiple attempts to transition. Same with our daughter.

Both took to them immediately when the option was no longer there.

Good luck!

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answers from Austin on

Ditto Dana. I told our daughter that on her Birthday "all of the bottles will be gone", because she was going to be a big girl and "get to drink" from a sippy cup like the big kids. I even took her to the store and let her pick one out.. (I purchased 2 in case one was lost). I let her hold it and look at it, but kept saying "on your birthday, you get to use your new cup!"

The night before her birthday, I got rid of anything to do with bottles. The next morning for breakfast I asked her if she wanted milk or juice.. For gifts the family gave her a ton of sippy cups, so each morning I let her decide which one she wanted to use.

She only used the sippy for about 4 months, then wanted to drink from a regular cup.. In the car she drank from a sippy. Don't get me wrong, we only put a little in her cup at a time and would pour a little more in each time it was empty.

When she was 2 I went to drop something off at her daycare and was shocked to see that the 2 year olds all drank from regular cups AND poured their own milk from a small pitcher! They even passed the pitcher to the next child.. It was awesome!

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answers from Nashville on

i think it depends on whether you would rather switch her to formula or a sippy first... but i wouldnt do both at once... too much change. my oldest son was not a fan of the sippy so i put milk in a bottle for him. he LOVED milk so then i tried a bunch of different sippys to see which one he could get the hang of. for a long he could only use the gerber beginners with 2 handles and a rubber a sippy part. some people love nuby's (my second son did). but i would just borrow a few different types from friends see which one she gets the hang of. my second son refused all sippies with handles, but my first refused any sippy without. if all else fails, try the take n' toss, because they can suck it out easier, or try a straw. once they get the sensation, they figure it out and it will be fine... but each child prefers different types.
forgot to say, that sometimes i did half formula/half milk to ease my second child into it... he was a bit more discrimintory.



answers from Duluth on

this is one of those parenting things that suck majorly. i cant say i have direct personal experience, but it seems like this is something you just have to do. you have to cut it off cold turkey. this is one of the downsides of bottles. :(

remember that the amount of milk that she needs is literally smaller than you think it is. i think its along the lines of 2 small cups a day. dont let our american huge portions get the best of you here; talk to your doctor about serving sizes, perhaps bring along the sippy cups that you have and see how much is actually in them.

one thing i do know is that its much more important for her to have water. milk only at meals, juice one small cup a day or less; it is much more beneficial to give her real fruit rather than juice.

there are sippy cups out there that have a soft spout. give those a try.

otherwise, you just have to do it. literally, put them away, and dont offer them anymore. hopefully shes not using them at bedtime; that is bad for teeth... so though that is the hardest one to cut out, you have to start watering down the milk until its all water so that shes not having milk from a bottle, ONLY from a cup. make sense? good luck



answers from Saginaw on

Does she like yogurt? You can give her a serving of yogurt that would replace one serving of milk, same with cheese. My daughter, once weaned did not drink milk at all. Now she drinks it oh maybe once a month.



answers from Minneapolis on

With my kids, when it came to milk and formula - we gave the milk in the sippy cup and kept giving the formula in the bottle.

There are so many different sippy cups out there and you would need to find the right one for your little one..heck even I have had a hard time sucking out of sippy cups when I tried, after wondering why they weren't drinking much, only to find out it is very hard to get anything out.



answers from Minneapolis on

I am not a fan at all of this recent invention called a sippy cup. They are unecessary and seem to cause one more stressful transition for moms and babies. My daughter never would drink out of a sippy cup - you have to suck really hard to get anything out of them. Then we tried taking out the valve and then they spill anyway.

My daughter learned how to drink out of a regular glass at about 14 months. She had a bottle of milk twice a day (until she was 3), and regular small glass (no cover) at mealtimes. She got plenty to drink, she got to suck - as all babies need to, and she has perfect straight healthy teeth.



answers from Minneapolis on

Don't feel like you have to rush it. Weaning from bottles can take time.
The cup I like is the Nuby ones with the soft tops. They are a good transition cup in my experience.



answers from Omaha on

We started giving my daughter a sippy cup at about 6 months. This was only after meal times. She had a bottle till she turned a year old. She will be 2 in a month and still uses the sippy cups. We started out with the Avent training cups and the Playtex ones with the soft tip. There are all kinds of brands out there you just have to watch the age group they are intended for. Eventually she will get the hang of it...just keep trying.



answers from Minneapolis on

For both my kids I started with sippy cups that have a soft sippy part and took the sippy part out of the cover so the milk just came out. Then I slowly started to put that part back in so it wouldn't spill all over. Try a few different brands out to see what she likes because each child is different.



answers from Waterloo on

We started with sippy cups that they didn't need to suck on the get the stuff out, not as spill proof but they get the idea quick and then you can switch to the other kind if you want.

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