Bottle Nipples Affected by Cascade Dish Soap

Updated on February 03, 2011
S.I. asks from Chicago, IL
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Has anyone else ever experienced washing their Born Free (or any other BPA free bottle) nipple in the dishwasher, as directed only to find that the dish washing soap has significantly affected the nipple? My son has been super fussy with the bottle nipples lately and at first I thought it was because he's 4 months old and distracted by everything.. I tasted the nipples on my own and my throat started to itch/scratch and my tongue got tingly. Clearly the Cascade dish soap we have been using has ruined these nipples. I'm so upset about this because I feel like I've been poisoning my son! If you read about what is in Cascade and what the side effects are, you'll understand even more why I'm so upset!
We've tried boiling, soaking, rinsing etc. the nipples now, but can't get rid of that taste or smell.. Pretty sure we're going to have to throw them all away, but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before? What did you do? What dish soap do you use now?

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So What Happened?

I used the Vinegar suggestion and soaked them for like 45 minutes, then washed them by hand with an all natural soap by Earth Friendly.. and that seems to have done the trick!!!! I'm so thankful for the Vinegar suggestion. I also have gotten rid of the Cascade altogether and couldn't be happier. My son was super fussy yesterday, had patchy red marks on his back (assuming ecsema).. but we gave him a bath with all natural soap, he slept from 7 pm to 6 am straight and today he's like a different baby. Maybe this crap is finally getting out of his system. He's not irritable, he's even peaceful. Hopefully this is the end of the nipple saga!

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answers from Victoria on

I had a problem with this and cleaning with vinegar removed the film that is left by the soap. That soap can't be used with hard water. at least that is what they told me. The vinegar fixed all my stuff.

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answers from New York on

YES!! I thought I was the only one that had this issue. I thought my dishwasher wasn't rinsing well, but its brand new so I couldn't figure it out. No matter which soap we tried, it seems that both the nipple and bottle had a "film" to it and really stunk like chemicals.
The only solution is to hand wash it and rinse really well. I could not believe how "chemically" the nipples were, as well as my sons sippy cups. Now I hand wash all their stuff.

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answers from Kansas City on

I had that issue with a different soap, Finish I think, but not with Cascade. It sucks, but it does sound like you'll have to buy new nipples! Bummer. You might try a different detergent or just hand wash from now on.

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answers from Houston on

I think you got some good advice here. Sorry I don't have more to add, I just didn't want you to feel guilty about your son! You're a good mama. There is no handbook provided when we bring our kids home from the hospital, but mom sites can be very valuable. Blessings and hugs to you!

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answers from Detroit on

What are the nipples made of? I use cascade and haven't noticed a problem with silicone but it seems to make latex discolor and dry out. I don't use lemon scented since it wasn't recommended for some of the items I put in my DW.

I should also add that I mainly used glass bottles but the BPA free cups I have don't seem to have been affected either.

Are you using any type of rinse-aid?

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answers from Chicago on

contact the bottle company since they told you to put them in the dishwasher - they type of detergent used is irrelevant, it's the fault of the bottle company for recommending that method. I bet they will send you a lot of new nipples.



answers from Chicago on

While I haven't had this problem with my bottle nipples (I have Playtex and use the Finish brand dishwasher tabs). However, what I have noticed is more related to my Silpat silicone baking sheets. When I washed them using Cascade liquid (when I ran out of Finish and had some Cascade sitting around), they picked up a soapy-type residue. They had a soapy feel and imparted a soapy flavor on anything I baked on them! I thought they were ruined, and they were NOT cheap! The only thing that worked to help get rid of that was washing them by hand in really hot water using regular Dawn. And not all of my silicone items (cake and loaf pans, other types of baking sheets, muffin pans, etc.) have had this problem, so it could be the makeup of the silicone that makes it more susceptible.

So, your situation may be related to the way the Cascade reacts with your Born Free silicone. Thoroughly hand-washing with a normal, gentle dish detergent like Dawn or some other more natural one should help with that plus extend the life of the nipples.


answers from Provo on

One more reason why I hand washed mine!
I'm sorry that this has happened to you, but don't feel bad. This world is very dangerous and covered with nasty chemicals. You can't shield all. But very good of you to have figured it out.
I would try the vinegar idea. Vinegar rules all! If only it didn't smell so bad, I'd be able to use it more.


answers from Dallas on

when I dealt with bottles (my kids are grown) I hand washed and so didn't have this problem. I do have non-toxic and phosphate free automatic dishwashing soap I use and non-toxic dish wash if you would like a link to look at them. They are safe.



answers from Chicago on

I used to hand wash then sterilize with a sterilizer or soak in boiling water. There are ones that go in the microwave that look neat, and you just let air dry (air drying is the most sanitary method besides the heat drying the dishwasher does).
Good catch--be proud of yourself for figuring out what is bothering him!!



answers from Chicago on

Hello, S.. I have tried all types of dishwashing detergent in an effort to find something that is environmentally friendly as well as effective. I have not had much luck, so I still use cascade with dawn (in those dissolving pouches). I always used Dr. Brown's nipples as well as Born Free, but I always put them on the upper rack (in one of those munchkin dishwasher boxes that you can purchase at Target). I never had a problem using this combination. Otherwise, I have heard good things about Ecover dw detergent, as well as their rinse aid, but I can't find them around here. Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

YES! I had the same issue with my suppy cup "nipple" (we use nuby, they're super soft like a bottle). I'm guessing the high heat of the dishwasher and the type of soap managed to coat the tops somehow.
the cup smelled dishsoapy and at the risk of oversharing my son's poop became much softer. yuck all around.
Anyway, now i soak the tops in a diff dishsoap and basically handwash vs dishwash. less easy but also has to be better. you could try a cold water setting on your washer... or maybe steralize teh nipples sep in the microwave? good luck!
Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

You can buy new nipples separately - you don't have to buy all new bottles. We used Born Free for my daughter, and I bought her new nipples every few months when she would advance to the next stage.

Also, I've tried various different all natural dishwasher detergents, and most don't work that great. However, I found one that I LOVE - its all natural and works great. Its Trader Joe's brand - a big green box - 100% natural.



answers from Detroit on

We dont put our nipples in the dishwasher, it breaks them down. I was them by hand every night with dish soap.

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