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Updated on March 31, 2009
L.N. asks from Karlstad, MN
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I'm wondering when anyone else switched to a level 2 nipple ? I think my little guy needs to go up to level 2,he is 4 and a half months and over half the time collapses the nipple and falls asleep before he is done eating just to wake up 15 or 20 mins later to eat more. and I'm also wondering if anyone just made the hole a bit bigger instead of buying new nipples that are not worn out? I can't remember what I did with my other two, this is one of the big drawbacks of having your kids sooo far apart!

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So What Happened?

thanks everyone for your advice, I did end up sending my hubby the 35 miles to walmart to get new nipples( they don't carry bottle nipples in my small town...for dumb) I wasn't trying to force my baby to eat more than he wanted, when he wanted to eat he wasn't able to get it fast enough, the nipples were colasping and he would fall asleep befor getting full just to wake up and want the rest of it 20 mins later he is only eaing 6 oz at a time, sorry kinda got a little offended with the person's post thinking I was trying to force him to eat more than he wanted....anyway he is doing great with the stage 2 nipple no more collapsing nipples!!!!

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answers from Fargo on

I would by the next stage nipples. I don't like cutting/making the holes bigger just to save a few bucks, personal decision, all though it would be tempting. I switched my children when they started doing the same thing your son is doing now.



answers from Duluth on

i wouldnt go anything too much bigger, you can certainly try it, but go back if he seems to choke or sputter when drinking.

NEVER alter a bottle nipple. pieces can detatch from the nipple and be ingested. this is very dangerous.

go ahead and get a different size nipple. of course make sure you get the formula mixed well..... that kind of thing... dont worry so much about the amount that he is eating, worry more about starting when hes hungry, and stopping when hes full. babies tummies are VERY small - about the size of their fist, and so they fill and empty rather quickly. also, in the first year, babies will TRIPLE their weight and DOUBLE their height - hopefully the ONLY time in their lives that this will happen, so thats a tremendous amount of growth. it seems like so little because they are tiny, but you try doubling your height and tripling your weight and you will understand that it must take a LOT of eating frequently :P :D

anyway, im sure you are fine - dont be concerned with amounts and timing, just be concerned with fulfilling his needs when he has them. on his hunger schedule not ours. only he can tell you when he is hungry and full. listening to that helps him to grow up to listen to his hunger cues later and not eat when hes not hungry. that sort of thing.

good luck! is a good resource...



answers from Minneapolis on

Most of the bottle systems state what age range to go up to the next level is, but I think it partly depends on if your child is ready or not. I would try the next size up and see what happens. If he ends up with milk everywhere, go back to the size 1 and try again in a few weeks. I would not recommend altering the nipples you have- it may cause extra leakage. Hope that helps!



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My kids are 7 years apart so I have a hard time remembering too.

My daughter is 6mos. and is still on level 1 nipples from Playtex Ventaire Bottles. I tried to switch her to a level2 the other day and she couldn't handle it. She too eats and then falls asleep without finishing and wakes up 20min. later hungry. I've just accepted it.



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You didn't mention what type of nipples you are using.

I used Ventaire with my kids and had to step up to the next step within a month with my son and didn't even by #1's with my daughter after learning they didn't do much for my son. You can also, just make the whole a bit bigger instead of buying new ones.



answers from Appleton on

We recently went up to level 2 nipples with our son. He had just turned 3 months old when we did it. He was collapsing the level 1 nipples like your son.
I was afraid of the nipple falling apart if I would've made the hole bigger or cut into it, so we just went ahead and bought a pack of Gerber nipples...they're only a couple dollars for six of them.



answers from Milwaukee on

It sounds like he may be ready to switch. We switched our son around 3 months and he did well with that. I'm not sure about making the hole bigger but I think I read that you are not supposed to do that. I can't remember the reasoning though.

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