Bottle Nipple Stopping Up

Updated on August 04, 2010
K.M. asks from Irmo, SC
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My daughter is 3 months and after going through several formulas, we've found one that works well with her, the Similac sensitive RS, which is much thicker than regular formula. I would say it's about as thick as a bottle of regular formula that has had cereal added to it. Our issue is that (we are using Playtex Ventaire bottles) and the stage 1 nipples are getting clogged/stopped up. I'm having to use stage 2 nipples right now just so that she is able to get the formula. The only problem is that the stage 2 nipples are way to fast for her and she is gulping her bottle down and is done with a 6oz bottle in minutes, then spits up a ton. My hubby finally got aggravated with a stage 1 nipple the other night and poked a slightly bigger hole which she did great, but I am not going to alter the stage 1 nipples b/c of the chance of her swallowing pieces of it. Was wondering if any Mommies had any suggestions on either a solution for the nipple or a better way to mix the formula (I shake it up very well with warm water in the bottle, and cold water with the bottles for daycare that I premake the night before).

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answers from Savannah on

You can make a nipple hole bigger by taking a sewing needle and getting it red hot on one end by using a lighter or a match. When it's glowing red it's ready and you simply run it through the nipple hole. This expands the hole without cutting it. But if I remember right, the Playtex are a T cut so you can just take a pair of scissors and expand one or 2 of the lines just little snippets at a time. Either way, there are no pieces of nipple coming off.

Good luck!



answers from Tulsa on

nuby soft sipper nipples from babies r us. you can only get them at the store and can't buy them at wal mart. I imagine you can get them on the nuby web site. these are shaped like a sippy cup top. they let through 4 oz cereal without stopping up. they also don't leak until they have been used to many times then they start leaking which takes a while. they are not expensive. thhey are not on the babies r us web site. I garantee you will fall in love with these nipples and if you have to drive 2 hours to get them they are well worth the drive but stock up they have to be replaced about every 2 months or so.



answers from Cleveland on

Go ahead and use the stage 2 nipple but instead of holding her in a cradle position and tipping the bottle all the way up (so that it pours out into her mouth) hold her a little more up right and hold the bottle at more vertical position so there is formula in the nipple but she actually has to suck to get it out. This should help not only with the to fast flow but also with preventing her from taking in to much air during the feed (so less gas and less spitting up!).



answers from Johnstown on

The formula takes longer to dissolve. Mix it up a few mins ahead of time, let it sit and then mix again before giving to her. Don't use cold water to mix ahead of time--luke warm and then refridgerate. I had to 'expand' my stage one just a smidgen by taking a pin and poking the hole in the nipple with it. Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

buy a quart container & mix all of the feedings for the day in it before pouring into the bottles. It's easier to make a batch....rather than bottle after bottle. Figure out how much you need each day & then none will go to waste.....& those nipples won't clog.

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