Bottle Nipple Collapse & Lip Blister

Updated on April 16, 2008
L.W. asks from Oceanside, CA
4 answers

Yesterday, I changed bottles from Dr. Brown's Natural Flow to Medela's Slow Flow for my 5-1/2-week old baby boy. This morning I noticed that when he pulls off the bottle the nipple is collapsed. Is this normal? I also noticed there is a tiny blister on the middle of his top lip. Is this from having to suck too hard on this new bottle? It doesn't seem to bother him at all, but I was wondering if anyone had any information on this. Thank you much!

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi L.,
The blister is from sucking too hard. My daugther got them even when we got her a fast flowing nipple. She was just agressive with the bottle and flattend the nipples too.
It never seemed to bother her and she never was upset when drinking from the bottle.
We would put vaseline on her lips in between feedings and tried to roll her lips out when she was feeding.
But eventually she got a blister and then it would start to peel away. I would use clean nail clippers or my own nails to clip it away. The doctor said that it was normal.
You can try other bottles or stay with the new one. Also, there is Second Nature bottles too.




answers from Los Angeles on

yes its normal... hes just sucking hard. maybe try a little faster flow. my nephews did the same thing. give it time and try a different nipple.



answers from Los Angeles on

we used the medela bottles as well for a little while and had the same problem with the nipples collapsing. I think its because they suck so much and create vacuum and then the milk can't come through. We switched to Sassy bottles my MAM (also BPA free). They have this rubber seal at the bottom that allows air in the bottle which prevents the vacuum effect and therefore no collapsed nipples. Unfortunately, they are not commonly sold in stores. I found them at and Here's a link to the 9oz bottles at

Hope this helps.



answers from Los Angeles on

sounds like he isn't latching onto the bottle correct. Gerber products are also BPA-free, you could try those.

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