Born Free Bottles or Some Other Kind

Updated on June 05, 2011
E.R. asks from Glenview, IL
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I am due for baby number to any time know. We are looking for bottles to use for when I pump. I am very much interested in the born free bottles. Please someone help and let know of these are good bottle or should I ditch them and try something else. With my first daughter we used even flow. But I did not see the kind we used on the shelf.

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answers from Chicago on

I LOVE the Born Free Glass bottles. I used the BF plastic bottles with my first son and switched to the glass bottles with my second son. The glass bottles clean really easy and you can microwave them since they are not plastic. They also seem to keep the contents warmer longer. I would highly recommend them.

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answers from Spokane on

We used the Born Free with our youngest and loved them! I even passed them on to my brother/SIL and they are still holding up (of course they purchased all new nipples and inserts).



answers from Joplin on

They just recently came out with the fact that the BPA free may not be any better, but I swear they change things so quickly who would know! I personally would go with something glass for safety reasons, but personally I used Dr.Browns and loved them. We tried the Soothie bottles ( the kind that come with a matching Binky) But Alex never took to them. If you are going to have a binky baby it is worth a try. Personally I Pushed all my babies to have an alternative to using "mom" as a personal pacifier. I nursed all 3 of my babies. You cannot make a baby like a pacifier, and even bottles took some acclimating to, only my youngest actually preferred bottle over the breast, so I pumped a lot more with him then I did the first two. I definitely recommend a high quality pump if you are going to pump frequently, it is the difference between comfortably pumping and feeling like your nipples are being ripped off...but that was just my experience.



answers from Dallas on

I used Born Free, and while I liked them, there were a lot of parts to clean. However, I had to use soy formula with my daughter and it's a lot thicker than breastmilk and regular formula and it would get stuck in the nipples and the other pieces so I would have to hand wash them. As a result, I switched to the Playtex Drop Ins. My daughter did just fine and there were less pieces to wash. I have heard from others though, that the Born Free do well in the dishwasher. I did have some leaking problems with some of the valves. Every bottle I've seen says to replace the nipples and the valves every 6 weeks, I think it's just a marketing ploy to get you to buy more stuff, but with the valves, I would of had to replace them after 12 weeks if I didn't switch bottles all together.



answers from Atlanta on

I didn't use the Born Free, but loved the "Breastflow" bottles by First Years at Target. I'm not sure if you are looking for the glass bottles, though. The Breastflow are BPA free, but plastic.


answers from Chicago on

I've used Born Free plastic bottles for both of my kids. Love them, and they take a beating!
No leaking, handle the dishwasher very well, etc...


answers from Chicago on

I LOVED Born Free. They weren't on the market until I had my third. I had used Avent with the first two and found they always leaked. I never had one leak with Born Free.



answers from Minneapolis on

I started with Avent Evenflo but had a gassy baby so we switched to Dr. Brown's at the the recommendation of several people. They really helped but there are several "parts" to clean. You also have teh option of 2 different types of nipples which is nice too. I've heard good things about the Born free but haven't used them



answers from Chicago on

I use the glass Born Free bottles. I nurse my baby, but sometimes use the bottles for pumped milk. They don't leak and she has done really well with them. I recommend them.



answers from Chicago on

I used Born free with my first son and introduced the bottle week one with no problem. Really liked them.

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