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Updated on May 10, 2008
K.W. asks from Omaha, NE
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For those of you who use the Bornfree bottles - do you have problems with the nipples collapsing? I am disappointed in the ease of use with these bottles as there are several parts and it is never easy to simply warm-up a bottle. Now, the nipples push in about half the time she is sucking. She is using the right size nipple so I know that isn't the issue. I noticed that the rubber is very thin so I wondered if it was because of that? I feel like, for the amount of money I spent on the bottles...they should work. Anyone else have this problem?

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answers from Appleton on

I actually work at a store in infant care and have heard of this. I have had a few mom's say the same things you just have. It is the bottles. I am hoping to call the company when I am at work today to see if they are going to try clearing this up or what is wrong. Unfortunately they are the only wide bpa free bottle at this point other wise there is the evenflo glass or bpa free, dr. browns poly pro, nuby non drip, or the original playtex dropins. As far as the born free I would call the company and make sure they know you are having a problem! If they wont compensate for the error then I would try bringing the nipples back to the store you bought them from.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I had the same trouble with the Born Free bottle I bought for my daughter...and you're right, the number of parts to clean is a pain! I started looking into other safe bottles and have put a list together on my blog. You can see all of the bottles here:

I finally contacted the company and sent mine back and then switched to glass. Best of luck!

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answers from Grand Rapids on

K., i have not used these bottle, but did have nipple colapse on other bottles, i found that i turned the top on too tight, try taking the top, and untwisting it a bit, loose, but not too loose, but definitely not too tight, or the opposite could be true too, too loose of a screw on the top, try it see if it works, if not sorry i have no other clues for yah, D. s , keep on trying things,



answers from Omaha on

i didn't really like the born free bottles, but we love the 'green to grow'
no extra weird venting parts either (one thing i hated about born-free was all the extra parts to clean!) and green to grow are bpa and phthalate free.
i don't get any kick-back or anything, we just really like these bottles.
good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I love these bottles and never had a problem with the nipple collasping. Hope everything works out for you.



answers from Minneapolis on

Call the place you bought them and ask them to take them back. Ask if they have another solution since this one isn't working for you.

Most retailers don't know how well/badly a product works until they get feedback from their customers.

Instead of getting mad, consider yourself a product sampler and ask for a replacement. A good retailer will be grateful for your feedback.



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I've found that the nipple collapses if that little straw inside the bottle is stuck shut, which sometimes happens after you shake the formula. If you just take the top off, and wiggle that little straw to make sure the slit is open that'll solve the problem.

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