Border Line Diabetic Wants to Get Pregnant

Updated on December 03, 2006
A. asks from Nazareth, PA
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This past Aug. I found out I am a border line diabetic. I have lost 10lbs since then. I saw my doc today to tell her that my husband and I are ready to have another baby. She was pleased to see that I have lost weight and said if we are ready then go ahead. Now I am wondering if I get pregnant am I more at risk of getting diabeties or any other complications. What else can I do to keep me and my soon to be pregnency safe and healthy. Any suggestions or personal experience greatly needed. LOL!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

As a borderline diabetic, you are more at risk of developing gestational diabetes. This can me higher risks for a few different problems in pregnancy but as long as you watch your diet, exercise regularly, and monitor your blood sugars you should be just fine.

With both of my pregnancies, I was able to control my sugars through diet. I didn't need to take any insulin. This would depend on your body and your diet. If you are able to control your sugars through diet, then they will monitor your pregnancy a little closer. You may have a few more sonograms than a mother who does not have any sugar problems. This is to monitor the babies growth. If your sugar levels are too high, then the baby will tend to grow in size a little faster. This increase in size of the baby can also correspond to problems with the lungs not developing as quickly as they should. This is why it is so important to monitor your sugar levels and keep them on target.

If you are unable to control your sugar levels through diet, you may have to give yourself insulin injections. Your doctor can tell you more about this. Don't be afraid to ask.

At the end of your pregnancy, they may want to induce labor if the baby seems to be getting too big (as I mentioned one of the things that can happen with diabetics). The important thing to do now is take a deep breath and relax. Your doctors will monitor you throughout the pregnancy. There is a multitude of resources available out there for those with diabetes and gestational diabetes.

Although you will need closer monitoring as a borderline diabetic, diabetics have healthy babies everyday. My friend has had 3. I've had 2. You can, too.

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answers from Harrisburg on

Borderline diabetic is not as scarey as being a diabetic. I want to assure you that if you take care of yourself, and that the doctors watch you, and your baby you should be fine.You may recieve shots every week, and watched very carefully, but that is the way it goes.If you are working out now, dont give up when you become pregnant, just dont overdo it.No soda, tea, or anything with caffine.Water!water!water!Take those prenatals.Get plenty of rest, and love yourself.Limit your natrual sugars as well as your refined ones.Eat lots of green veggies, and protein.Good luck.



answers from Reading on

I've had type 1 diabetes for 34 years now. I had a son 11 years ago and he is perfectly healthy. Being borderline, you will have to be closely monitered. There are risks, but with the help of your health care team, you should be fine. Make sure though, that whoever takes care of you knows what they are doing. There are alot of doctors who don't. Make sure that they are not only experienced in managing diabetes, but also mentally supportive.

You ahould be fine... Good luck!! :)



answers from Washington DC on

Hi, my name is T. and im a diabetic. The best thing to do is to watch your diet that the doctor gives and exercise this also helps keep the blood sugars down. With my last pregnancy i wanted to eat candy and lots of food. And in return that made my daughter be ahead in her development.I was 14 weeks and she was the size of a 17 week baby. The doctor adjusted my medication and everything went well.



answers from Scranton on

I personally think that a healthy diet (most important issue being no simple carbs!) can keep you healthy. I followed the Brewer diet while pregnant and did indeed have a Blue Ribbon Baby. ;) I was also borderline diabetic, btw. I felt a lot better during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, both of which help your body use insulin more efficiently.

There's a lot of controversy surrounding whether gestational diabetes even exists. I like the Plus Size Pregnancy site has the best info on it. There is also a good article by Henci Goer, a leading birth activist:

One thing to be careful of is when you first get pregnant, your body might have trouble making enough progesterone. It might be good to read up on that and decide whether you'd want to self treat or go to the doctor and demand aggressive treatment if you experience any early spotting. A lot of times women with PCOS/insulin resistance or diabetes have many early losses before their doctors will acknowledge or treat this.

Also, if you have trouble getting pregnant, many people have good results with metformin. Something else to keep in mind just in case.

Here's hoping to good luck on the first try! :D



answers from Reading on

I know someone whos a boarderline diabetic & about to give birth. She has to get extra shots every week but other than that she has a healthy baby girl around 4 & another girl on the way. She also lost alot of her babies through miscarriages, so if you are going to try soon, make sure they watch you close. Good luck!

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