Booster Seat for Three Year Old

Updated on October 12, 2010
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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My son is three and pretty tall for his age, like off the charts;) He weighs about 35lbs so he is the right size for a booster. He is also complaining that his carseat hurts his private, which I think is because he is potty trained and there is no diaper there for cushion. So my question is, is three a bit young for a booster. He just turned three in July so he is on the young side of three. I am a little nervous about him being able to unhook his own seatbelt. Anyone have thoughts on this? He is a good boy, rambunctious, but obedient. But I would hate for him to have one time where he decided to disobey and that be the time we had a car accident. I was thinking of doing the booster at age four, but he is so big....any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Oh thanks so much for the help! I didn't know the Texas laws, so that was really great info. So I am just going to look into a harnessed convertible car/booster seat. Thanks ladies!

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For Texas, here are the laws on kid seats:

He must be 4 AND 40lbs to move to a booster!

I plan to get my daughter the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1. She's 4 1/2 years old, about 35 lbs, & about 36." She is small for her age, but I want to keep her in a 5-point harness as long as possible!! Which for her, she may be in high school before she gets to switch to booster :) I am small, always was. I am only 5 feet tall & about 105 lbs. There are some boosters out there that would accommodate my size haha So that's why I say she will be in a 5-point harness for so long!

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answers from Sacramento on

Check your state laws. In California, it's 40 lbs. AND 4 years old to move to a booster. Our daughter was at 40 lbs. before that, so we had to buy one of the massive combo (convertible/booster) seats. They will tide you over until you can use a booster. We HATE ours -- super bulky, horrible to install, not easy to transfer (so bad we never do), but it's a necessity. Thankfully, our daughter is four now and we can convert it to a booster. Just haven't because it was so terrible installing the seat to begin with, I fear what the process will be like to convert it to a booster.

Look for the combo seats. Graco Nautilus and Britax Frontier are a couple of the popular models.

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My son is 2.5 and I am looking at the Britax Frontier so that he can still have the 5 point harness until I am ready for him not to. He is also tall and about 36 lbs, but I know that he isn't ready for a real booster, and neither am I.

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answers from Seattle on

Again yes look at your state laws! My daughter was 4 when we moved her to the britax frontier. Will keep her harnessed to 85 lbs, which is safest! You might want to get a convertible seat that harnesses to a higher weight, like the britax marathon, goes up to 65lbs. My big 5.5 year old still fits in it comfortably. Since you will still need a booster in a few years, consider looking for new in box or NIB one on eBay, or there's food deals at babies r us and You can look at the britax website for minimum and maximum weight and height on all their models.

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3 is way too young for a booster. My 3.5 yr old complained about this once he potty trained and we got him the nautilus it harnesses to 65lbs and 52 inches then can be used as a booster and backless booster to 100 lbs. I love the seat and so doesn't my son. He can buckle the harness himself I just have to tighten the straps and check the chest clip.

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answers from Honolulu on

"Britax Parkway"

Look these up on Amazon, and you can see it and read the reviews of it.
These are what we have... for my kids. My kids at 3, needed booster seats, as they are tall/big kids.

Or the Compass website:

good luck,

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answers from Los Angeles on

my son is a year and a half and 30 ibs so im sure ill be in your shoes soon


answers from Provo on

Please keep him 5 point harnessed. That is the safest for young kids. If I could get a 5 point for me, I'd do, just because it is soo much safer.



answers from Spokane on

I have the Graco Nautilus for both my girls. It's got 5 pt harness up to 65 pounds (which is safest for kids) and great height adjustment.

I think it's less about the age and more about height and weight. Check your state laws and make it a rule that the car doesn't MOVE unless everyone is safely buckled. If he unbuckles, stop. You might be late, but at least he'll be safe :)

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