Booster Seat for 4 Year Old

Updated on June 15, 2011
M.E. asks from Arlington, TX
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I am looking for a great Booster Seat with a 5 point harness for my almost 4 year old. I am not ready to put him in just a regular booster seat and would really like a 5 point harness. Most of them only go to 40 lbs and he is almost that. Any suggestions on a great seat that you have used.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm about to order Aubrey the Britax frontier 85 to replace the Regent we had when Don got rear-ended. I can't wait to get it!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi M. - the seat you're looking for is called a "Combination" seat because it can be used as either a forward-facing harnessed seat or a belt-positioning booster ("Booster Seat" refers to a seat without a harness that positions the vehicle's seat belt properly on the child). The ones most frequently recommended by certified child-passenger safety techs for their high harnessed height/weight limits and belt fit in booster mode are the Britax Frontier, Graco Nautilus, and Evenflo Maestro. Reviews below are copied from the carseatblog

Forward-Facing Only Seats

Combination Seats
Britax Frontier 85
Features: 5-point harness from 2 years AND 25-85 lbs.; bpb to 120 lbs.; front harness adjuster; no-rethread harness height adjuster; 3 buckle positions; 2-piece chest clip; integrated cup holders; arm rests; smooth harness adjuster
Drawbacks: must remove screw in head restraint before using it as a bpb
Our comments: Britax has improved just about everything in this seat over its older sibling, the regular Frontier, including the covers! Kudos to Britax for being leaders in the industry and putting an age limit and reasonable lower weight limit on the seat to keep babes in arms from going straight from an infant seat to this forward-facing seat. Darren reviewed it here and listed all the differences between the new FR85 and the older version.
Evenflo Maestro
Features: 5-point harness from 20-50 lbs.; bpb to 100 lbs.; EPS foam; 2-piece chest clip; front harness adjuster; 2 crotch strap positions; cup holders; arm rests
Drawbacks: harness appears narrow at child’s neck; seatback is short, non-adjustable headrest
Our comments: It’s a great seat for the money! Kecia reviewed it in her Combo Seat as a Booster series. The Maestro was recalled, so make sure yours has the repair if it was involved in the recall batch.
Graco Nautilus
Features: 5-point harness from 20-65 lbs.; bpb to 100 lbs.; converts to a backless booster (40-100 lbs.); 3-position recline; cup holder built into right armrest; storage areas in each armrest; EPS foam
Drawbacks: As a booster - belt fit can be hit or miss.
Our comments: The Nautilus has 2 lifespans. When used with the harness or as a highback booster, the lifespan is 6 years. When used as a backless booster, the lifespan is 9 years. Overall, a well-made seat that is easy to install and easy to use correctly. The Elite version has adjustable headwings and lockoffs

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answers from Provo on

Britax Frontier! Best purchase ever! Has amazing ratings, weight limits are really high. I do believe 85 with the 5-point (don't quote me on these, but are close) and 110 as a booster. It also has side impact protection which is so important because the most serious accidents are t-boned or swipes.
They are expensive, but I got mine for half of on ebay (brand new, in box, with tags on it) and free shipping. I do believe is having a 20% off and free shipping too. But no matter the price, my son will always be in a Britax.

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answers from Kansas City on

When my 3 year old outgrows his Graco My Ride 65 (which will be soon) we are going to get a Britax Frontier.

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answers from Dayton on

Yep! Britax Frontier here too!
Great seat!

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answers from Seattle on

Britax frontier85! My giant 6 year old still fits it and will for a long time!
Harnesses to 85 lbs then a booster to 120lbs. Expensive but we got a good deal at or I've seen them new in box on ebay.

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answers from Dallas on

We just ordered our second Graco Nautilus. Our 5 year old loves hers and I'm sure our little guy will like his, too. Best price we found $137.98+tax+free shipping to home at

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answers from Dallas on

We have the Britax Frontier 85, it is great!

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answers from New York on

I have both my kids in the Graco Nautilus--my tiny 23 lb 2 year old (who got too tall for her old seat) and my big for his age 49 lb 5 year old. They are both comfortable and happy. The weight limit is 65 lbs in the harness but I think my son will be too tall before he gets to it.

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answers from Boston on

We have a graco nautilus



answers from St. Cloud on

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Britax Frontier85 seats. We own 3 of them! Hands down, the best we've seen.

My husband was set on getting the Graco Nautilus because it was $50 cheaper but when we went to the store, HE said NO WAY! It just seemed so cheaply made........



answers from Dallas on

We have a Recaro Vivo. It is an excellent booster seat and very well reviewed. We ordered it on Amazon and have been very happy.

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