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Updated on October 03, 2011
C.O. asks from New Market, MD
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Any recommendations for a booster seat? I have a 3.5 yo who is about 40 lbs and probab;y about 40+ inches. We have a Britax Marathon Convertible which I can still use but would like a booster as a second car seat. Thanksso much!

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answers from Washington DC on

We just switched my (4 next month) from marathon to the graco nautilus and couldn't be happier with it.

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answers from Atlanta on

We went from the Marathon to the Britax Frontier. Love it! But it's not designed to be a toss in the car booster seat. It still gets attached to the latch system, whether you use the harness or the belt. My 7 year old used the harness until a few months ago. She was to tall for the harness, so we switched to belt. My 4.5 yo is still in his Frontier as harness.
Our extra booster seat is a graco turbo booster with the back on. (I really don't understand why people go backless. I want the side protection at the child's head!) It worked great for us for 3 years. Now the sliding head part doesn't want to stay all the way up.
Hope that helps.

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answers from Detroit on

A 3-year-old should never be in a booster regardless of height or weight. He has the body of a 3-year-old and that can be tragic in a crash.
Please keep him or her harnessed until at LEAST age 5. At age 6, a booster might be OK if he sits correctly.
Our kids always faced rear until age 4.
Please keep them safe!



answers from Washington DC on

Hi! We have the Compass and the Graco Turbo Booster. Both have great safety ratings, but I liked the Compass better for younger kids because it has side-impact protection for the head (or at least the older model did - I don't know about current models). Toddler Bargains rates them, as do some of the consumer sites. I bet if you Google "booster seat ratings" you'll get some good information.



answers from New York on

First years compass booster seat. My very tall 6 year old still uses it as does my 4 year old. Love that it lengthens from the back without leaving a gap at the neck. Check it out on amazon.



answers from St. Louis on

Make sure you follow the law in your state. Check with your pediatrician so your child is safe.



answers from Washington DC on

Graco Turbo Booster. People love it (read lots of reviews of boosters) and I've found it very good so far.


answers from Minneapolis on

I wouldn't booster a 3.5yr old. Age, bone and body development, mental and physical maturity, height and weight all play a factor in a child being in a booster seat. At only 3.5, he's just not ready.

There are quite a few higher harness weight seats right now that you can pick up for $75-$100. Evenflo Generations, Evenflo Maestro, Evenflo Momentum, Triumph 65, are all good seats that will work great as a higher harness seat for him as second car seat.



answers from Honolulu on

"The First Years Compass Booster Seat."
You can view it on Amazon and read the reviews there.

"Britax Parkway" which you can also view on Amazon and read the reviews of it there.

We have both of these.
Never had problems with it.
Is well rated.

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