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Updated on October 03, 2008
K.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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i have been on this site often, trying to "solve" my 3 year old nap problems (well, my problem, because i am not ready for her to give up her naps!). alas, i have given up, and we have moved on to the more civil place of rest time. in order for it to work, she listens to winnie the pooh cd's in her room. not the disney-fied winnie the pooh, but the pooh as written by a.a. milne.

i am wracking my brain for other stories on cd that aren't scary or violent or too gender specific. we really enjoy books that have a bit of poetry and wonder about them. she loves nature and animals and she gets a lot of the silly poetry of winne the pooh. i figure it may be easier to ask other mamas than to wade through the library's website!

any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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answers from Sioux Falls on

Usborne has a seveal great books on CD
Complete book of Farm Yard Tales (20 title) $24.99 has been a favorite at our house. Along with Bible Stories.
View our other books on

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answers from Davenport on

I don't know if these would be long enough for what you want, but Scholastic Book Clubs has a great selections of books with CD's each month. You can probably just request a catalog and start building a library. Or possibly a preschool may order that you could ask if you can order with them.



answers from Des Moines on

One book I would recommend is Poetry Speaks to Children. It is a book/cd combination. The book contains a variety of poems from famous and not so famous poets. The CD includes some of the poets reading their own poems.

Another item you may be interested in is the Classical Kids CD series. The one I like is Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery. These cd's use classical music as the background to a story.

Both of the above items can be found on Amazon. I usually look on Amazon and read the reviews to help me decide what books/CD's to purchase.

best of luck to you



answers from Rochester on

I don't think I can specifically answer your question - but my 3 year old doesn't always nap. I'm not ready to give it up either! I need that time to get something done or to nap myself! Instead of fighting it, I make her sit in her bed with soft music on. During this time, I give her a pile of books to look at. She mostly has books from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, so they are all age appropriate. I usually hear her in her room looking telling herself the story based upon the pictures. I think it really feeds her imagination.

Also - you might want to try your public library in person. Our library in Rochester gives out lists of suggested books based upon age - that might give you an idea of some titles to search for if you really want audio books for her.



answers from Rapid City on

Why don't you make your own? You could do it right on your computer with the recorder. Just have a bell or something that tells her to turn the page. It will be more special for her to hear you reading to her.



answers from Minneapolis on

Go to Barnes and Nobels and check out "Toad and Frog Are Friends", "Toad and Frog All Year", "Sheep in a Jeep", any of the "Thomas the Tank Engine" tales, any of the "Amelia Bedilia" series, and more...

B & N has a great selection of audio books for children and teens. The audio books for the young readers also come with the picture books. There are also classics such as Milne's Winnie the Pooh, in audio as well.

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