Books, Ideas to Prepare Son with New Adopted Sibling

Updated on August 21, 2009
A.H. asks from Tenino, WA
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Do any of you have recommendations on books, toys (maybe even games) to prepare our 4 year old son for the birth & arrival of a little brother or sister? We will be adopting a newborn in November. We have been talking to him about a little brother or sister. I think he is kind of understanding the idea (he has cousins with siblings, etc.), but would love some other Moms' ideas on good books, etc.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the great ideas, Moms. The baby doll is working really well. I wasn't sure our "all boy boy" would go for it. But he's been helping with the baby, buying diapers, etc. Thanks again! Nothing better than advice from other Moms.

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Contact your local hospital and see if they have a siblings' class. Even though you're not giving birth, the things that the 'big brothers and sisters' will learn and are exposed are so appropriate. It's fun, they and you will learn much, have activities to do at home. And because you're not pregnant, you will have the energy to involve him in the preparations for this new baby to your family. Have him help pick out receiving blankets, a couple of toys, some pj's, the mobile for the crib, pictures for the walls. At the same time, make some additions or changes to his room now that he's going to be a big brother. Put a box together of things he wants to pass on to the new baby now that he's the older brother. Have him create a picture book of his drawings or pictures he cut out of magazines that will be an 'welcome' to our family or instruction book for this new baby as to what you do and don't do, or what the baby can expect from him.
What an awesome time for all of you. There is no difference between this adoptive arrival or a biological birth, this baby is a part of all of you. Congratulations!!!

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Go to your local librarian. He or she can find age-appropriate books for you that you can share with your son. Also parenting books that can give you ideas as well. And it's all free!



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Before our second baby was born we bought a book called My New Baby by Annie Kubler and started looking at it with our son. It's a cute and simple picture book showing a family with a young boy and a new baby. There are no words but I liked making up our own story about the family in the book to make them sound like our family.



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We had a great book by Joanna Cole and Maxie Chambliss to prepare our daughter for getting a new sibling. It was called "I'm a big sister" I think, but there's also a version for boys.



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Get a doll. One that is about the size of a newborn. Start to carry it around, feed it, change it, put in a crib, swing, bouncy chair. If you get all that stuff out now then he will be used to it when the baby comes and it won't be a cool new toy to play with. I did this with my son and when the baby came we gave him the doll and he follwed me around carrying his baby, putting it to sleep etc. It was a huge help.

Good luck

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