Books for a Toddler in a Single Parent (Mom Only) Home

Updated on August 28, 2009
H.D. asks from Palatine, IL
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Every book has the dad tucking in the kids,taking them on field trips and playing with them. Does anybody know of any books that are toddler friendly that actually deal with the issue of a single mom home rather than just excluding the dad? I found one but the main character is a boy and that'll do but I need some more suggestions.Thanks moms:)

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I love and sell Barefoot Books- They have some great books that cover things like adoption, and biracial families, but I don't think they have anything that is aimed specifically at a single mom household. I will definitely suggest it, because they are very hip on books that are different from the norm. You might still want to check them out- they are WONDERFUL books for toddlers, and there's many books that have animals and pictures that are not related to families specifically. I'm a big fan of Listen, Listen (book about the seasons), and The Tear Thief (a little older, but a great book). If you do visit my site, you can save 20% by typing in the special offer code TWENTY until 8/30.

I hope that helps, somewhat...




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Hello - I don't know of any single parent storylines, but we have a couple mom/child books in our collection. I Love You So Much by Marianne Richmond is one of my favorites. There are some pages of father/son or father/daughter, but mothers are on most of the pages. Also, there is a mother/daughter pair that start and close the story.

The other title is If You Hold My Hand by Jillian Harker. It's about a boy bunny who is more confident and willing to try new things with his mommy bunny holding his hand.

Have you ever read A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza? It's not my favorite, but many people seem to like it. A small bird is looking for his mother, and he asks all kinds of animals if they are his mother. He finds a bear who becomes his mother. She happens to have other children, too, who don't look like her. It's supposed to be a story good for adoption, but I find the rejection that Choco experiences to be offensive. I mentioned this to another parent in the adoption community, and she thought that I was crazy. Maybe I am ;)

Anyway, another title that talks about family differences is We Are All Alike, We Are All Different by the Cheltenham Elementary School Kindergartners. This is a favorite in our home. It talks about how we are all people but we look different. We all eat, but we like different things. You get the idea. I find it to be simple and positive, perfect for toddlers.

Lastly, I just found a new book this week: I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont. My son talked about it all week. I imagine that he will enjoy this one for a few years. "Even when I look a mess, I still don't like me any less, 'cause nothing in the world, you know, can change what's deep inside, and so..." I really like this book. The main character is a girl, too. It has no pictures or mention of parents, fyi.

Happy reading!



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Marc Just Couldn't Sleep by Gabriela Keselman is about a little boy that is afraid to go to sleep. Only the mom is in the book, but it doesn't deal with the single mom issue. Here's a link to check it out if you're interested : You can type the title into the search box.

Good luck finding some books that meet your needs.



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Todd Parr has a book called The Family Book that is awesome. It is a kids picture book that discusses all different kinds of families..... some families have 1 Mommy or Daddy, some families have 2 Mommys or 2 Daddys; some families like to be clean, some families like to be messy; every family helps each other be strong, etc. He has several books for kids, they are fun, bright, easy to read. We are a family formed thru adoption and we love it because it address head on families like ours and families that don't look alike. You should be able to find it at any book store since he is a very popular author.
Here's a link to a review of the book

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