Book Suggestions for 5 Year Old Boy

Updated on October 07, 2014
J.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My son loves to read (hallelujah!) but I'm running out of stuff for him to read. To give you an idea of his tastes, his faves are: Piggie and Gerald, Frog and Toad, Henry books by Nancy Carlson, Arthur, Curious George and Berenstain Bears. Any suggestions for what I can borrow next at the library?? I feel like I'm scouring the shelves for books and coming up empty-handed. Thanks!!

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Thanks everyone!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Have you talked to the librarian? This is what they do, what they live for, to help kids (and adults) find just the right books!
Also if he is in K his teacher can provide you with an insanely long list of books based on his reading level, so ask her as well.

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answers from Rochester on

Yes to Fly Guy and Mercy Watson. Any of Mo Willems books are great. My 5 year old son loves anything by Jan Thomas. Lately he has really been into The Magic School Bus books. Pete the Cat is another kindergarten favorite. Ask at the library to see if there is a state picture book award. We love to read the books that are on the selection list every year. They tend to be different than what we always pick and we have found a lot of new favorites.

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answers from San Juan on

Pete the Cat by James Dean
Where do I Live by Neil Chesanow

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answers from San Francisco on

Cam Jansen - they have readers for younger kids and chapter books for when he's a bit older

Oliver & Amanda Pig (similar in reading level to Frog and Toad) - probably about 8-10 different books (Jane Van Leeuwen)

Henry & Mudge - there are tons of these (by Cynthia Rylant, who also writes many other books but I can't name any of them right now)

Arthur books (Marc Brown)... another series that has both readers and chapter books

Magic School Bus

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answers from Detroit on

Mine loves many of those, also Clifford books, Junie B Jones (these are chapter books), Fly Guy, and don't forget non-fiction, national geographic has a bunch of good ones.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Houndsley and Catina by James Howe
Poppleton series by Cynthia Rylant
Mo Willems books
Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parrish
Little Bear

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answers from Oklahoma City on

The children's librarian can tell you what is in his age group but she's basically going to point to the shelves you've been getting these off. There are also the books on the AR list. He should be able to read those then take the test on them the next day to earn points.


answers from Boston on

I agree entirely with what Mamazita said about the librarian! They are not just there to scan the books for check-out! Hugely underutilized resource! You should not be scouring the shelves alone - you should be working with a trained expert who's free and eager to help!



answers from Odessa on

The Llama books by Anna Dewdney (I think I spelled that right) are fun.

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