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Updated on January 25, 2012
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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The nose job question made me want to ask a question i've wondered about for a long time. I've heard that it is possible to breastfeed after having had breast surgurey, Can anyone speak from personal experience?? Is that true?? Does it matter if its reduction or augmentation??

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Ahhh, so interesting, definately not lunch time conversation at my work so glad I have you all as my watercooler pals.

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answers from Toledo on

My sister in law had a reduction in college. They warned her she might not be able to breastfeed. When she had her baby, her milk came in, but it couldn't come out.

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answers from St. Louis on

I have a friend who had a boob job and nursed. The funny part was she had the boob job before she had kids so now her boobs have their own zip code.

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answers from Washington DC on

I wanted to have a reduction when I was younger ... before kids. One of the things they did tell me was that I could probably still nurse BUT I might need to supplement. Would depend on how much was taken and if the ducts got interrupted or not. I was also told that with having kids and nursing they could go right back to what they were before and it was HIGHLY recommended to wait till after for a reduction.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Augmentation not too much damage is done, because they just insert the silicone/saline bags and pump em up... they dont do much as far as nipple replacement. Depends on if your breasts have to have the nipples moved to match the boobs, If your going up a size and staying moderate than usually you can nurse. REDUCTION depends on how much your taking off, what is being done. Most people, when they are having it done, they are trying to perk them up. In ORDER to do this, they have to bring up the boob to defy gravity. This means lighting the load. Taking out the heaviest material, which is mammary gland. They take out any fibrous material, and they take out fat. Then, they literally cut off the nipple, pull UP the skin to bring it closer to your neck, tuck that, then re-position the nipple. IF they take the nipple off, you generally are left with no feeling in it, nor does it react normally again. It will either stay eternally hard or never get that hardness again when touched. Nursing is almost out of the question their as well. I was scheduled for a reduction a month before I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I was naturally a size DDD with fibrous nodules. I figured I didnt want to deal with it anymore, so I was going to go down to a normal B. I found out I was pregnant, and got the scoop from the surgeon about it. I decided to wait till I was all done with kids.

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answers from Washington DC on

I didn't have any surgery but it is true that women who have augmentation can often nurse. Many surgeons go under the breast tissue so it's still intact. A reduction might cut the milk ducts so the experience for that mom may be very different.

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answers from Detroit on

I had a reduction and no I could not nurse. A friend had a reduction and no she could not nurse. Good luck.

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answers from Anchorage on

It is true, but not always. If the nipple has to be removed and put back in place than the ducks get severed, and with a reduction the doctor will not know for sure if he must do that until he is in surgery with you. They do try not to have to do that though when they can help it, because it also increases your chance of losing feeling.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I've heard it's true but heard it can also be dangerous to the baby as if there's a small leak, the mom won't know and keep feeding and the baby will drink small amounts of it w/ the milk. Not entirely sure that that's true but it certainly sounds plausible..


answers from Boca Raton on

Yes, it's true... I nursed and have mine done... :)

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