Body Is Growing Tiny Little Bumps / Skin Tags While Pregnant?

Updated on June 26, 2012
S.O. asks from Billings, MT
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I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and have what appears to be lots and lots of tiny little skin tags or bumps on my skin growing all over my neck, shoulder blades, chest, and back where my bra hits? What the heck?! I try to scratch them off and they really don't seem to come off. Is my body just growing random skin bumps because I'm pregnant? I don't remember having this with my first pregnancy. Then again, I wasn't pregnant during the summer the first time.. maybe it's heat + prego hormones? Has this happened to anyone else? Any way to get rid of it? Will it go away eventually? Thanks for your feedback!

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answers from Bloomington on

I had one grow around my bra strap area . I can scratch it off but it just grows back. It has been about ten years since I was prego with that kid & it still grows, I scratch it off, & it grows back. My other 2 pregnancies, I didn't get any.

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answers from Chicago on

Your body is like a well-watered garden when you are pregnant...everything grows. Moles can get bigger, skin tags commonly appear, along with your butt, belly and boobs getting bigger. :-)

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answers from Seattle on

Most skin tags are caused by a virus.

With our puny / diminished immune systems all SORTS of these annoying things crop up:

- Skin tags
- Warts
- Plantars Warts
- The never ending coooooooold
- Cold sores / herpes outbreaks

Viruses that we can usually fight off just fine or keep dormant, bada BING, party, party, party.


Nothin' like feeling pretty.

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answers from Detroit on

I got a number of tiny skin tags when I was pregnant, and it just so happened that my 3rd trimester was over the summer (due date was 8/16). I don't know if the summer weather has anything to do with it, but I know they are common in pregnancy. Most of mine disappeared after the baby was born, but a few still persist. You can see a dermatologist about removing them if they really bother you that much, but don't try to pick them off yourself!



answers from Seattle on

Yep, I NEVER had any skin tags until I got pregnant... and then BAM I got them all over, especially on my belly.
Many of them went away, but many are have remained (my DD is turning 5 this year) though they are no longer as pronounced.
Sorry, but yes, it is pretty common.


answers from Pocatello on

yeah I got a few skin tags with my first pregnancy. You can have your doc remove them put I just clipped them off my self with nail clippers. It only hurt of a second. It got a small scab then held and never came back. had maybe 4 or 5 to take off so not too many.



answers from Denver on

I had a few skin tags before I got pregnant. I got the bumps and skin tags like mad during (and some after) too. Some of them may go away. Some may have to be removed. : (

Apparently, this is genetic.



answers from Charlotte on

I agree with DMV mom. I'd wait until your pregnancy is done and your hormones return to "normal". Then go to a dermatologist. That way you won't end up getting scars or infection from scratching at them.




answers from Champaign on

I got them during both pregnancies. It's actually quite common to get skin tags during pregnancy. My OB told me I could get rid of them if I wanted to, so I did. Just take a piece of dental floss and tie it tightly around the base of the skin tag. (I mean really tight ... the idea is to completely cut of circulation to that area.) It does hurt a little bit but just a little and just the first day or so. I put a band-aid over it so I wouldn't rub it or irritate it or anything. It takes a few days, but eventually the skin tag will "die" and fall off.

I swear, my OB told me exactly how to do this. I had a skin tag on my nipple, and I really didn't want it there when my son was born. I've only done this twice, but it worked just fine both times. I've actually got another one on the back of my neck that I'm thinking about doing this with as my 3 year old loves to pick at it. That's annoying and sometimes painful and definitely more painful that "killing" it.

Anyway, it's nothing to worry about, and if you really want to get rid of it you can.

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