Boboli Pizza Crust - What Do *YOU* Top It With?

Updated on September 01, 2011
2.O. asks from Parcel Return Service, DC
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I'm hoping to be inspired by your ideas. I bought a 2-pack of Boboli pizza crusts the other day and my youngest daughter (4) and I made pizza last night and she had a BLAST! She was so excited that she made it herself :0) It was a peperoni pizza. Does anyone have any ideas on other toppings besides the usual (cheese, peperoni, combo, Hawaiian)? I've heard of taco pizza but have never made it. I'm sure I can google a recipe but they're always so complicated and I'm looking for simple. Does anyone have any ideas, please :0)


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Yum...LOVE the ideas :0) Thanks everyone, you're awesome! Can't wait to try them.

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answers from Phoenix on

If you're an imitation crab fan this is what I'll do... Rub the crust with EVOO, Italian seasoning, pressed garlic and salt. Cover crust with a thin layer of shredded crab. Top with green bell pepper and tomato slices and mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle with garlic salt and bake.

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answers from Dallas on

we like heavy red sauce, heavy cheese and anchovies.

I like a pizza with everything on it, heavy sauce, heavy cheese and the works. The rest of my family does not so we get the one I listed above and usually serve the anchovies on the side.

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answers from Dover on

Here's what I do: drizzle the top with olive oil, sprinkle some finely minced fresh garlic, salt & pepper, then put several plops of ricotta cheese, slices of fresh tomato & then plenty of mozzerella.

Another one we love, love, love is to mix a bowl of Texas Pete's hot sauce with ranch dressing, use that on the crust in place of pizza sauce. Top with shredded up chicken & then a mixture of mozzerella & cheddar cheese. Yum-ola!!!

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answers from Dallas on

BBQ Chicken Pizza. Use bbq sauce instead of tomato sauce. SHredded colby jack and cut up chicken.

Alfredo Chicken - alfredo sauce, mozz, and cut up chicken.

I like Mushroom and italian Sausage pizza with pizza sauce, & mozz

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answers from Charleston on

A light coat of red sauce, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and a drizzle of olive oil. Also - red sauce, canadian bacon, red peppers and pineapple!

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answers from Seattle on

We do our version of the Appetizer you can get at the rock...It is pizza sticks with butter garlic and brown sugar...

We do it on the boboli and oh my god it is amazing!!!!!

Best thing ever:))))

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answers from Austin on

I like to add lots of toppings, never really thought about a theme. Spinach(precooked or fresh), fresh basil leaves, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, black and green olives, thin zucchini and yellow squash circles, red/yellow/green bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, bacon, canadian bacon, ham, broccoli.
Sometimes I pre-cook the chopped vegetables to get the extra water out because I hate pizza that's soggy in the middle.

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answers from Dallas on

We don't use Boboli, but we often make homemade pizza. A favorite in our house is to use Alfredo sauce for the sauce and top with chopped chicken and some spinach. Mushrooms on my half, but not the kids'. We then put mozzarella and parm. The other fav is Margherita pizza. It's another verison of pepperoni. We put plain tomato paste on. Then top with slices of fresh tomato (the tomato and paste get more sauce like as it cooks). Fresh basil...must be fresh. And pepperoni. Lots of olives are preferred in our house too. Then it's topped with mozarrella (Not shredded, the kind you get in the deli and pull apart.) In the winter my hubby and son make fresh mozzarella for our pizzas.

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answers from Fargo on

We do BBQ Chicken pizza too.
Use barbeque sauce in place of tomato sauce and top with cooked chicken, red onion, mozzerella cheese and a bit of crisp bacon. When the pizza comes out of the oven add a bunch of chopped fresh cilantro. YUM!

Or Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza.
Ranch dressing in place of sauce, add cooked chicken, red onion, mozz. cheese, then top with sliced black olives and some diced tomato and bake until done.

Thai style pizza:
Thai sweet chili sauce spread on the crust. Sprinkle sesame seeds over top. Add cooked chicken, thinly sliced red onion, small raw broccoli florets, thinly sliced carrot strips (julienne), and any other veggies that sound good. Top with mozzerella and shredded cheddar. Bake and then drizzle teriyake sauce over top.

Pesto is always a hit at our house too. Or Sun dried tomatoes. I love adding fresh spinach to a pizza before baking too. So good!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I use butter, melted and add some garlic powder. Then I put that on the crust I use Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage. I cook it in a small pan crumbled up with some onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, what ever I am in the mood for. I put a good sprinkle of shredded Mozzarella cheese on then add the meat mix topping. I cover it with more cheese then heat thoroughly.

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answers from Washington DC on

I don't use Boboli, but I get pre-made pizza shells or make my own dough. My favorite is to put on some salsa, black beans, and cheddar cheese. You can add whatever additional veggies you want, but red peppers work really well, especially if the salsa isn't too chunky.

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answers from Richmond on

What DON'T I use?!

My fav: no tomato sauce, just olive oil and crushed garlic, mozzerella, then artichoke hearts, baby spinach, sliced black olives, tomatoes (on 1/2, i hate them!), feta cheese, more mozz, oregano... I'm forgetting something. OH, roasted red peppers, sometimes some grilled chicken.

I use mama marys crusts, you get 2 for the price of boboli's 1 ;)

I've also done basil pesto sauce, mozz, pignoli nuts (or pine nuts?), roasted red peppers, with or without grilled chicken, mushrooms (on 1/2, ew), choke hearts, and basil.... yummmm....

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answers from Houston on

thinly sliced tomatoes, artichoke hearts spinach and feta cheese


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answers from Richmond on

I have never made this but use to order it at college from one of the campus food services. It was Boboli with Thousand Island dressing, Ham, and cheese baked in the over. It was really good...hummm maybe I should by some Bobli crusts and try it. It has been tooo long to mention when I had it last. ;)

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answers from Norfolk on

Alfredo sauce, moz. cheese, shredded cooked chicken, thinly sliced onions and sun dried tomatoes. YUM!

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answers from Denver on

Here is something different that is tasty and healty. Take 1 cup of BBQ sauce and mix with 6oz tomato paste. That is your sauce, then on top of that put spinach, and then whatever other veggies you want, you could do peppers and olives and tomatoes I put zucchini on once. Whatever you want, I also like to add some cooked cubed chicken. Pretty tasty and good for you!

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answers from Phoenix on

I have never made homemade pizza or Boboli but I would think you could put anything on it you want. We bought a frozen pizza that was bbq sauce, chicken, red onion and cheese. Maybe that is something you can try. Good luck!

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