Bob Duallie Stroller at Disney?

Updated on April 20, 2010
M.B. asks from Libertyville, IL
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We're going to Disney in a few weeks and I'm trying to decide what stroller to bring. We have a Bob Duallie that I love and I really want to bring but I don't know if it would be to big for the parks. I've heard it can be hard to navigate big strollers around people, etc. Also since they're not cheap I was planning on getting a stroller lock or bike lock when we would have to park it. We also have a sit n stand but that thing is such a pain to push around. Also, my kids are 6 months and 2.5 years. Any other disney tips are also welcome.

We're not staying on property but at a resort that's next to Disney's Caribbean Resort. Our relatives are staying at Ft. Wilderness so we might drive to them and take the Disney transportation or we could drive and park at each park.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I definitely would NOT have wanted a big stroller to trudge around all day. I went 2 weeks ago and it was crazy packed! They have strollers there you can rent for the day too if you're interested. The double stroller was great because it was wide rather than long, but not too wide where it was annoying. You have to park strollers a lot throughout the day, so it you're feeling like you'd have to lock it, I would totally NOT take it. What a pain in the butt that would be! Since you're other one is a sit and stand, I would just rent one there. Also, take advantage of the disney transportation!! Driving would be a pain after I saw the size of the parking lot. They have a shuttle that comes and drives you to the entrance, but if you use their transportation you're dropped off right near the entrance when you get there. It's very convenient.



answers from San Diego on

If you fly, I wouldn't take the duallie--not airport or baggage handler-friendly. If you drive and do decide to take the Bob, just get a small bike cable with the combo or small key and run it through the frame and a wheel so someone can stroll off with it. That's what I do at Sea World or the zoo, b/c I have heard of people stealing the expensive strollers at parks.

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answers from Raleigh on

I know nothing about the Bob, but if I were you, I would take 2 double umbrella strollers and buy a connector if you want only one person to have to push. Don't stress about someone stealing your stroller...most of the rides actually have someone there who watches over them (plus I have never in my 20 plus times of going heard someone say that their stroller was taken). We actually leave our diaper bag out there and have never had a problem with that either! Just make sure that whatever stroller you bring, it can recline, because your kids will be exhausted and will want to sleep!!! Have fun...we go the middle of May and are excited too!

P.S. I forgot to tell you that you won't be able to drive tor your family. There is a gate you go through and you need to be staying on property to get a ticket. If your family says that the car is theirs, it may work, but you would definitely need to figure it out ahead of time!



answers from Chicago on

I did Disneyland tons when my kids were younger b/c we lived near the park. Until my youngest was about 9 months, he did Disney in the Baby Bjorn...for all the rides the baby can go on, you can just leave them in the carrier and when they are sleeping they don't have to be disturbed. And, then my older child was just in an umbrella stroller (light weight, no worries about leaving it parked, etc.) It is a little bit more walking involved though for Disneyworld since it is more spread out, but if the baby is used to being in a carrier it would be another option to consider...As far as locking the stroller, I have never had a problem with a stroller going missing in either park and we have been to both often. The cast members do move strollers around sometimes to keep order in the stroller parking areas, so there may be an occasion when you have to look a little harder for your stroller, but it should always be in the vicinity of where you left it. Have tons of fun!



answers from Atlanta on

I have one, and I would take it. We go to many arts festivals and music festivals that are very crowded, and I love it because you kind of "cut a swath" through the crowd! It's also very handy for loading extra stuff into!



answers from Chicago on

I don't know that I would take the Bob if I were you. My strollers always seem to get damaged during air travel whether we check it in at the gate or at the ticket counter. I have the Bob duallie too, and I'd hate to see what kind of damage it would sustain in transit. I guess some of that depends on which airline you are flying. United seems to go out of its way to break my stuff.

I took my Baby Trend sit and stand to Disney World when my kids were 3 1/2 and 6 months. It was nice because my 6 month old could sleep comfortably in the car seat carrier. It is a pain to push, but it wasn't too bad. And I could even take it into the gift shops. Plus, with the car seat carrier, it is easier to shield the baby's legs and feet from the sun.

The Bob doesn't recline much, so sleep might be a little harder to come by. You might be hard pressed to find a place to lock the Bob. The stroller parking areas get pretty crowded.

You might want to think about using a single umbrella stroller for your 2.5 year old and a sling/carrier for your 6 month old for airport travel, and then just rent a stroller at Disney World. Trying to put a large stroller into the trunk of a rental car doesn't leave much room for your luggage. Good luck and have a great time!



answers from Chicago on

Hi, just something to consider if you are going to stay at the Disney resorts or at other hotels and make use of the buses. Florida does not allow children to be seated in the strollers on the bus so you have to take them out, fold the stroller and lug in onto the bus every time. The buses can be very crowded and you have small children that will need to be in your arms for the getting on, duration of the trip and getting of. Take this into account when you decide which stroller to bring and what else you are going to take with you. We went in December with my 3 1/2 year old and my 3 month old and especially at the end of the day when they were tired and just wanted to be carried, we barley had enough arms for everything. My husband said next time we are taking the smallest umbrella stroller we can find because of this.Hope this helps.



answers from Chicago on

We went to Disney for the first time in November with our boys (2-1/2 and 1yr at the time). I have a couple of double strollers (City Mini and now a Sit 'N Stand) when I'm with the kids by myself, but we always use 2 strollers with my husband. It's just easier to navigate when we each have a stroller than the double. We have combi strollers, which have their pro's and con's. Pro's: seats fully recline for naps, canopy (not full coverage, but better than most umbrella strollers), cup holder for child, easy to fold and has a carrying strap (weighs 12lbs.), more padding and probably more comfortable than an umbrella stroller. Con's: basket is useless, no cup holder for parents, it's narrow and can be awkward for someone who's tall, not easy to steer with one hand. We didn't have any security issues when we parked the strollers and even left our diaper bag behind most of the time. Wouldn't leave souvenirs or shopping bags visible, though. I think a double would be hard to navigate in eating areas, monorail, etc.



answers from Chicago on

If you're that concerned about your stroller that you'd bring a lock, then bring something else. Getting a big stroller on a bus is going to be an experience, especially if the bus is crowded. Get 2 cheap umbrella's if you have to. (We got a MacLaren Volo, all of 9 pounds, for Disney and it was WELL worth it.) The problem with locking your stroller is that at some of the more popular rides where there is a huge stroller parking area, the Disney staff shifts the strollers so that new people can park. They might not even let you lock it if they see you up to it. And, given your concern, you might have a heartattack when your stroller's not exactly where you left it if you don't lock it...I'm not that concerned but my heart dropped a second the first time that happened to me.

Another option is doing the Disney stroller rental. Get a ribbon or something to easily identify yours, like a luggage tag concept.

Above all...have fun!



answers from Tampa on

We live in Tampa and go to Disney regularly with our 2 & 1/2 year old. We have a Bob and used to bring it when he was younger, but I always worried about someone taking it. Never had a problem, but I'm pretty familiar with Disney, and I don't think I've ever seen a place... at least not a convenient one... where you can lock a stroller. I would check with them before going if you really want to lock it. They are always moving the strollers to accommodate more, so I'm not sure that they would even let you lock it, and it definitely would be tough when it's crowded to try to find a spot. We now use an umbrella stroller, and it is so much easier, for navigation and for parking. I wouldn't leave anything of value in the stroller, either, just have a smaller bag with your valuables that you can take with you on any of the attractions.

I am also not sure if you will be able to drive to your family staying on property. Don't count on that, they check when you go through the gate, and you need a parking pass. It may work since you know someone there, I just wouldn't want you to be surprised if it doesn't. Parking is steep, $14 a day.

Disney has child care centers at each of the parks, and I highly recommend taking advantage of them. They have nice changing tables and places to feed your child. They have nursing rooms, as well, if you are still nursing your 6 month old. Microwaves to heat up your food, too, and anything you might forget... formula, diapers, etc, they have there (for a fee, of course). It's a great place for a break, especially since your kids are so young. They have play areas in the bigger ones, and a TV showing, of course, Disney cartoons. Look for them on your park map, they are worth going a little out of the way.

The best parks for your kids would probably be Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. I think Epcot is a little too boring for the little ones, although the Flower and Garden Festival is going on right now, and our son really enjoyed seeing the characters sculpted out of plants & flowers. We did a character greeting at Epcot and it was a breeze to get through, very fast, esp compared to Magic Kingdom. You can also see the characters at Camp Minnie Mickey in Animal Kingdom pretty easily as long as you time it right (go when the Lion King show is in progress. It gets busy just before and after the show). At Magic Kingdom, there is an entire area just for the little kids, with things like Mickey's house, Donald's boat, a play area with slides, etc. It's been very busy the last few times we went, but hopefully it will be a little quieter for you since you're between seasons.

Have fun, it truly is great to experience Disney through the eyes of a child.



answers from Chicago on

Pro's: The Bob stroller is big, comfy and would recline for naps.

Con's: Purchase (if you can find something) to go around the stroller when you gate check it. My brother is an airline pilot and he said it is so dirty down there. I purchased a "gate check" bag for our single stroller at Babies R Us and was glad I did, as it had grease marks and stains all over it.

Locking the stroller up may be tedious, because you have to leave it behind for almost everything and the last thing you want is to have to worry about it. The umbrella stroller does not recline for naps.

What we did: We purchased an inexpensive single stroller so if something bad happened to it, we were not too upset.

It was $49.99 and had a huge bucket underneath for storage, two cup holders and it reclined for naps. At the time it was perfect because we had one child, but now we have two. I think we may use Orlando stroller rental next time.

Our friends used them and loved the city mini stroller, smaller than the Bob, but they loved it. Plus, they didn't have to worry about it. The stroller company drops it off at your hotel so it is there when you check in and picks it up when you leave.

I read that you also have a 6 month old, there are companies that rent exersaucers, etc., when you vacation in the event you need to get dressed and keep them occupied, etc.

Have a wonderful trip!!!



answers from Chicago on

No real advise on stroller, but if you are staying at Wyndam's Bonnet Creek, they do have bus transport to all parks. It's not as constant as Disney buses but it works! We're staying there for our second time soon.
Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

We just went to Disney a few weeks ago with our 5 year old and 2 year old girls. We brought 2 umbrella strollers (the nicer type, not the real cheap skimpy ones) and it worked out GREAT. We each pushed one and we were able to weave through and around crowds very well. We had rented a car, and had to take the trams from the parking lots to the gate, and it was easy to have strollers that could fold up easily and fit on the tram with us. I would not bring a large stroller, and since you have to "park" it often, you'd be doing a lot of locking and unlocking. Plus, the risk of damage on the plane that one person mentioned. I like the suggestion of an umbrella stroller for your older child and a carrier for the baby. We felt like 2 umbrella strollers served us very well. Have fun!!



answers from Chicago on

I was just @ WDW last month too and it was packed! We brought an umbrella stroller for our 2 yr old and glad we did. It made getting on and off the buses much easier and especially when we were running to catch one too! The other comments are true-the strollers are often moved from one place to another depending on the location and crowds! Make sure you check out these helpful websites: and may be others too but previous posters mentioned those 2. Have fun and book your dinners in advance too on the WDW meal website. It will save you lots of time!



answers from Chicago on

I would take whatever stroller you like the best. As long as the stroller is not wider than a wheelchair you will be fine. I would advise against the sit-n-stand because I don't think your kids would be as comfortable in it as the other one. It's going to be a long day for them and they will want to take many naps in the stroller. And if the kids aren't happy, nobody is happy. :)

And I don't even think they would allow a stroller lock (I'm not sure). The reason I say this is because at any ride that you are not allowed to bring the stroller in with you, they have monitored stroller parking. And because some of the rides have so many people and so many strollers, they constantly rotate them so that when you get off the ride, your stroller is easily accessible. They actually have attendants where this is there only job. I was very impressed with the way they handled it. Now on smaller rides, they do not have the attendants but I never had a problem with anything and I always left my diaper bag in the stroller. And the same applies to my cousin who has been there on several different occassions.

remember this, Disney is geared towards children. And they expect everyone to have stroller. Enjoy your vacation.


P.S. One thing that i did that saved us TONS of money was we brought water bottles that were frozen and some that were just chilled. This way, we always had cold water available all day and didn't have to pay like $4 / bottle. We've done this on all of our family trips and it has literally saved us $100s of dollars throughout the years.



answers from Chicago on

I would bring it. We bring our double jogging stroller because it is big and comfortable,holds extra stuff(clothes,cups,etc),and saves money. The double strollers at Disney are about $30 a day so for a week it is crazy not to bring your own.We stay on property but travel on the boat to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Its very easy to get on the boats. If you decide not to bring your good stroller then I agree with the moms who said to bring some umbrella strollers. Good luck and have fun!

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