Bob Double Stroller

Updated on October 11, 2013
B.B. asks from Wakarusa, KS
4 answers

Has anyone traveled on a plane with the Bob Double Stroller? What bag have you found to protect it from the airline? Where did you buy it? Cost? Any tips with traveling on a plane with this would be so helpful. Thank you.

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answers from Columbus on

I haven't traveled with a double, but travel with a Bob single. I just plane side check it, no bag and have not had any problems.



answers from Chicago on

I travel with the Uppa Baby Vista and bassinet or infant car seat. I fit all the pieces (plus coats and soft carrier) into the large red (buy buy baby) or orange (babiesrus) stroller bag. It's meant to fit double strollers. I like knowing my expensive stroller won't be dirty when I get it back. When I traveled alone I got my gate check tags, filled the bag and brought it to the gate, a United staff member was nice enough to carry it down the tarmac for me. I think they are 20 bucks, less if you find your 20% coupon. The custom one for Uppa Baby is $100, that is a but much for times I will use it.



answers from Albuquerque on

I traveled with a Bob double several times. Like the previous poster, I didn't have a bag to protect it. I gate checked it and it was the last item loaded on the plane and the first off -- with no scratches or damage. It's bulky enough that the baggage handlers couldn't just toss it up into the plane, they had to gently place it.

And as for buying one, when I was shopping, REI had the best deal. They have a members only 20% off coupon twice a year. It costs $20 or something to become a member and 20% off is a savings of over $100.



answers from New York on

Get a secondhand lightweight double. So much easier. Why make life more difficult.

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