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Updated on January 03, 2012
B.R. asks from Dallas, TX
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A friend of mine's sons preschool is using the BOB books to help with reading. Are these books a good purchase to help with reading at home? Are there any other books that your would recommend to help reading at the preschool age? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!!

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Thanks everyone for your great advice!

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answers from Phoenix on

My daughter learned to read with BOB books at age 4 1/2 yrs old. She loved them so I bought almost every set off Looking forward to using them with my sons in a year or so.

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answers from Austin on

BOB books were the first books our daughter ever read out loud to me. I purchased the first set. On the way home she read all of the books! I had no idea she could already read! So I turned the car around and went and exchanged them for the second set.

You can also check them out from the library.. Or go there and see how he does with them.. He may be already able to read and the 2 of you just do not realize it!

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answers from Dallas on

BOB books are fantastic! Both of my boys are excellent readers (and I am an English teacher), and they started with BOB books. I highly recommend them, and yes, check your local library if you don't want to purchase them. :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My personal experience is to read a large variety of books to your child everyday. Both of my daughters just started reading to me one day without me 'teaching' them to read.

I recommend you check out a large selection from your library, read them, return them, repeat.

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter's preschool usese the BOB books and we love them. We were able to get the sets at Sam's for $10.



answers from Eugene on

I have seen them @ costco.



answers from Dallas on

We have them and they didn't work for us. I think because they are boring. My daughter was bored quickly. Plus they are expensive when you buy a bunch of sets. We have three of them.

For beginner reader bookstore daughter preferred the Starfall set. It's just one set with about 15 books. But the pictures are in color and the stories are a bit more interesting than the Bob books. Also they have a free website with games that tie into each book.

But, I didn't use those books to actually teach her to read. I bought a book called "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" and it was awesome. Each lesson is nice and short, the child doesn't get bored. Within the first five lessons they are reading and that makes them so proud of themselves!! It also makes sure they have comprehension about the story they read by asking questions as well as having a picture that they describe what is going on. They also practice writing. The book was $12 on Amazon and it was the best money I spent!! You don't need anything else except some paper & pencil. I printed out a paper with 1-100 on it and had a package of star stickers. My daughter put one on each day when she finished the lesson. She is now 4.5 and is reading level 1&2 books. It gave her an awesome foundation to be able to sound out most words. She reads as well as her cousins who are in 1st & 2nd grade!!



answers from Dallas on

LOVE Bob books. Great for teaching kids work families. My son loves them and he's 4. Great on building their confidence in reading as well as each book isn't very long but it gives them a sense of accomplishment.



answers from Tyler on

I have the BOB book ap on my iphone and my 4 year old daughter loves it. My son used BOB books in his pre-k program, but he learned to read very rapidly and quickly outgrew them.

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

My son read all the Bob books and it really helped him with his reading. He is now 4.5 and can pretty much read any picture book I give him. The BOB books are great because they start off so simply and get a little bit harder and longer with each subsequent book.

You can get them on Amazon, at Costco and often through Scholastic. I've never looked, but major bookstores may also carry them.

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