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Updated on February 09, 2011
R.M. asks from San Antonio, TX
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I have a wonderful daughter who will be turning 3 in April. She knows all her letters and numbers. I recently bought her the bob books pre reading skills set, has anyone used it? She loves to be read to and tries to read to herself. ( she sits & holds books and turns the pages and tells the story using the pics on the page) She loves her bob books! The questions I have : Has anyone used it before? Did you like it for your kids? And more importantly, does the bob books work in phonics with their series? Thanks for any help you can give me!

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answers from Austin on

My kids loved the BOB books! I guess everyone has a their own personal preference. Keep reading - bet thing to do to help her hear words over and over and how to read (inflection, etc.).

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answers from Miami on

I got the BOB books for my son last year and I was reading them with him, now he is in Pre-K, he turned 4 in September and has recently started a phonics class in his school, he is now reading the BOB books to me, I think they are great, simple word and stories with pictures..the school uses some scholastic reading program with different books but the BOB books seem to fit in with the program..

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answers from Honolulu on

I have the BOB books.
My son, does not like it.
Don't know why.
Oh well.
I have lots of Phonics books. He likes those.

The point is: Phonics can be taught with these books or others.
Phonics is sounding out words.
Short 3 letter words at first.
Or using "sight words" and sounding it out.
That is how it was taught to my daughter in Kinder.


answers from Washington DC on

Oh, my daughter loved Bob books! She had them all!!
She also moved from them to Ant and Bee.
We loved the books and believe they worked for her. She also had a kindergarten teacher who had them make their own Bob books with different stories. They had to color the pages and read the books to us every night. By the end of the year she had quite a collection.
Bob books bring back many many fond memories!!
Enjoy them!


answers from Dallas on

We had the BOB books. Hated it. Stick figure pictures. We used the PRIMARY PHONICS by ABEKA. Both my children loved them. Look at this...

Hope that helps.



answers from Atlanta on

They're supposed to be great! I'm actually going to purchase them this weekend for my 4 year old. His Godmother, my best friend, is an early childhood specialist and preschool director and she highly recommends them. My Goddaughter is her daughter and she's also 4 and loves them!



answers from San Antonio on

i got the BOB books for my dtr, when she turned 2. she wasn't interested.
she didn't like the "yucky" pictures and the stories didn't make sense.
(mommy, aligators don't eat bananas, they are meat eaters!)
she would much rather read along to her "regular" books.

You don't need specific phonics books; kids will pick up on what you read and if you follow along w/ your finger, they will start to associate the letters with what you say. both of mine were reading before age 3. not just memorizing what i read, i mean actually reading. signs on hwy, labels, etc.

If you want phonics books, the library has SEVERAL series that focus on one sound each. ask the childrens librarian or check the kid section.


answers from Austin on

Ha! We love the BOB books.. I purchased the first set when our daughter was 4 set and our daughter read the entire set on the way home! I had no idea she could read.. I turned the car around and picked up the second set..

Your child will love them.

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