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Updated on August 17, 2010
A.C. asks from Taylor, MI
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My son has just turned fourteen months yesterday and before I went to take him swimming in the backyard, I changed his diaper and noticed that his poop was blue. It was kinda awkward to see and I wasn't sure, with being a teen mom and all, whether or not it was a big deal. I didn't see it for the rest of the day and later on I started to give him celery sticks. His poop then was a somewhat dark brown but then I just change him again and noticed it was blue. The only new thing that I really gave him was a piece of a peach and then the celery stick, but the celery stick was after the first time. What's going on with his poop?

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answers from Dallas on

Definitely sounds like its related to something he ate. Its shocking the first time you see this. Also, as he get older some vitamins will do the same thing.

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answers from Scranton on

did he eat any blue crayons or play dough. they are non toxic so don't worry about that. my daughter use to sneak them all the time. drove me nuts. she would hide them and then get them later when i wasn'tlooking and eat them. her poop was a rainbow of colors.

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answers from Houston on

Are you sure he didn't eat a crayon or some playdoh? Drink Kool-Aid or some other dyed drink?

I've seen poop all colors of the rainbow, sometimes I couldn't figure it out...sometimes not. If it continues another a day, I would call the pediatrician. There are some illnesses which can cause blue poop, but your doctor will want to rule out all possibilities. careful with the celery sticks...I am not an uber-cautious mom, but they are a choking hazard and don't really provide much in the way of nutrition for his growing body.

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answers from Detroit on

Ok... I have a 7yo daughter and a 2yo son...

You will see some funky stuff in their poo. Funky colors, funky objects sometimes, and funky textures. I agree with the others that if there's no blood and he's acting completely normal, probably nada to worry about.

When my kids eat naturally blue or purple things (i.e. blueberries, dark grape juice, etc) their poo is GREEN... Like Shamrock green.

When they eat unnaturally blue or purple things (i.e. crayons, playdoh, koolaid, popcicles, frostings, jello, fruit snacks, etc) their poo comes out that color.

I also agree that a celery stick at 14mos is not something I'd choose. But there's always new things to learn. Even for the mom veterans. : )

Also, remember, he could've eaten the blue/purple something 2 days ago. It takes some time to digest stuff. I knew someone that was freaked because her little guy swallowed her wedding ring. She found it in his poo 5 days later. YES 5 DAYS LATER. I wouldn't want to have to search in my kids poo for 5 days! The Dr told her that if she didn't see it after 7 days, they'd check to make sure it wasn't lodged somewhere.



answers from Houston on

Maybe he ate some blue playdough?
Yeah, I'm kind of worried about those celery sticks too. I have a fourteen month old daughter and wouldn't think of feeding her those yet.



answers from Denver on

Did you happen to give him fruit snacks or fruit roll ups? My kid's poop turns blue or green when they eat those things. If not, I would make sure he isn't getting into something he shouldn't. Blue poop seems odd.

Good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

My Daughters Poo turned Blue when I gave her something to eat that was blue. I recall it being licorice. Is he on medication? did he drink something that was blue in color (Kool Aid)? Has he been out of your site for the last 72 hours?? If so ask the people who were with him if he ate something blue. If he is happy and it looks normal other than it being Blue, I wouldnt worry about it. If it continues by Tuesday, I would call the on call nurse at yoru Ped office and just ask...its free.



answers from Cincinnati on

How about any blueberries? My son's poop turns blue after he eats blueberries.



answers from Saginaw on

I wouldnt worry about the color unless its bloody! We moved to a new house in May and since then my youngest daughter has been pooping green! I cant figure out why, she hasnt changed anything she eats, just where she eats it! It is so green the water changes color! She thinks its funny and came out one day and announced to everybody her poop wasnt green that time!



answers from Kansas City on

Did he have any kind of frosting or candy with blue dye? Usually that's what causes blue poop.



answers from Los Angeles on

A. poop changes along with what we eat.It varies in size shape color texture soft or hard.I'm sure your son is fine the only time to worry is if there is blood in his poop,or uncontolled diarea

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