Blue Dye Pregnancy Tests and False Positives?

Updated on December 09, 2010
E.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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My best friend used two blue dye pregnancy tests today (she said they were EPT I think) and got two faint postives. But then she did some research and found out that blue dye tests can yield false positives. She then went out and bought a pink dye test (First Response) and got a negative. She is on day 28 of her cycle and she did use an ovualtion kit to help with timing. Just thought I'd ask y'all since I've never heard of this "blue dye" thing. We were both due around the same time with our third and now I am 7 mos. pregnant and she miscarried at 12 weeks this summer. :( Hoping that she gets good news soon.

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So What Happened?

Not Pregnant! She must have mis-read the evap line. Good thing to know for anyone TTC. She is very disappointed as she thought maybe she was. Thanks, Ladies.

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yes...I hate the blue dye tests! I got a couple, but couldn't use them, because they always look like a faint positive. (to my eyes) I went to the Dollar Tree and got several of their tests. I found out later, that they are more sensitive then most on the market.

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answers from Atlanta on

Blue dye tests are notorious for evap lines. If possible, she should stick to the pink dye tests. However, if she got two faint positives that pass the arm length (can she hold it at arms length without squinting and still see a line) or better yet the camera test (take a picture, send it to you - can you see it) then I'd say chances are she is pregnant and she should grab a digital. :-)



answers from San Francisco on

I've never heard of this, so I would suggest she wait a few days and take another First Response. Maybe it is not as sensitive? I really don't know, but a few more days of patience (haha) and it might be more clear.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Yep. I'm on a pregnancy/motherhood/TTC forum, and so many women get false positives on blue dye tests. Tell your friend to wait and use another pink dye test in a couple of days. Good luck!


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Great site with alot of information. I have heard of this, and experienced it myself, hubby and I have been trying for number 3 for 9 months, and I now only use Clearblue Easy tests.

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