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Updated on May 04, 2015
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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Our last toddler blow up bed broke on us a few years ago, I need a new one and I'm struggling to pick one out. The reviews on most of her gem are terrible.

Anyone have a toddler blow up bed they love?

I need recommendations for a twin as well.

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So What Happened?

We are going away in a few weeks and again this summer and I need a blow up bed for my toddler. She is now in a day bed, and while she will fit our playpen, hubby says it will be too uncomfortable for a long period of time.

So yes, a bed for traveling.

I just bought a kids aerobed. I was going to buy the shrunks but some of the reviews said their young toddlers would roll off it, especially if they like to sleep at the end of the bed. Since my daughter loves to shove her head against the wood frame, I thought I'd go with something sunken, so she can't roll out.

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answers from San Francisco on

We just did a good, regular twin mattress on the floor, starting at around 18 months or so. Once they hit age three, three and a half, they got an actual bed
I guess I'm a bit old school, I never saw a real need for a "toddler" bed, what's the point? Other than the "cuteness" factor it makes no sense to me.

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answers from Washington DC on

we've had blow-up mattresses for years to use for guests or camping. they all pop. every single one, no matter how tough or expensive.
we may get another one for camping this summer, but i hold out little hope for it making it much past the camping trip.
sounds to me like just asking for yet another frustration in your life when it comes to toddler accommodations. why a toddler bed at all (an unnecessary step, IMO), and why a blow-up one?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Are you looking for something for camping? For camping we really prefer the Therma-Rest self inflating sleeping pad over an air mattress. My kids used these when they no longer slept in the play pen. The Therma-Rest is much easier to inflate, it takes up very little space, and is warmer than an air mattress. I never had a blow up bed specifically for toddlers, but these sleeping pads come in many different sizes. If this is for home use my kids slept in a regular twin bed when they moved from the crib.

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answers from Seattle on

Every blow up bed / mattress item we have ever used in our entire lives and families and guest rooms, has always sprung leaks :(

I'm so done with them. We switched to futons years ago, but my husband's family has this collective mindset about decorating and furnishing and they are really into blow up mattresses and will shop til they drop to find them and a couple of summers ago we stayed with them and of course the darn air mattres had a leak and my adult daughter was sleeping on a hard floor....the point is I'm not a fan of air mattresses.

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answers from Portland on


Not understanding the need for a blow up bed - is this for travel? We use those self inflating mattress pads (great for kids) - they are cushy pads the self inflate (just open valves) and they fill with air in about 5 minutes.

But for a bed for regular sleeping, we did a regular (I think ours are Simmons) twin size firm mattress. Pushed up against a wall.

You can do on the floor or use box spring and use one of those mesh safety rails.

We never did toddler size mattresses or beds. I don't see the point - they would outgrow quickly.

Good luck :)

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answers from Norfolk on

We went from crib to twin bed with side rails when our son was 3.
Inflatable anything always gets leaks in a short amount of time.

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answers from Chicago on

I have never heard of a toddler size blow up bed. sorry

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answers from Dallas on

We never used a toddler bed and I have never heard of someone sleeping on a blow up mattress nightly.

When our daughter moved out of her crib at 17 months, we had a Queen mattress on the floor in her room and gradually moved up to the Queen mattress with box springs.

I would think a child needs a supportive mattress just like we do. We made sure our daughter had a good quality mattress. We all like quality sleep around here!

The only time I would use a blow up mattress would be if we had guests and I had no extra bedrooms.

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answers from Kansas City on

Why does it need to be a blow up bed? I think at this stage your child is ready to move to a regular bed…unless there is something prohibitive about that, it's time for a real mattress.

If there's room I'd go for a full or queen sized bed, I find them easier, and obviously, more roomy than a twin, but do whatever works for now.

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answers from Salinas on

What is a toddler blow up bed and why do you need one?

If it's for travel we used a pac-n-play when they were little, mostly to contain them and avoid night wandering in foreign surroundings.

There's also the easy as pie "4-5 blankets stacked on the floor with a pillow and top blanket" or the "comfy couch with pillow and blankie" set up. At that age my kids would sleep just about anywhere, no blow up necessary.

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answers from Los Angeles on

our shrunks has lasted for years. One did not last when the cat got to it. But we've owned three and two have lasted and lasted. One is 5 years old. they run about 60 bucks. But really one of our best purchases ever for traveling. And my 7 year old can still fit in hers.

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answers from Washington DC on

Is this for travel, or for use as a regular nightly bed?

I get the need for the toddler travel bed that blows up. We used a great one for several of the older baby-to-toddler years when we traveled to visit my husband's family abroad. I would not use one for a kid's bedroom for everyday but for travel these can really help, and are MUCH better than inflatable mattresses sold for camping etc. They have low sides that really help keep kids from rolling off.

Go to the web site; go to the tab for "Travel and Gear" and then go to the page headed "Travel Beds." There's one there that is very similar to one we had years ago -- inflatable bed with a flocked mattress. The current one is called the Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed but it's the closest to the one we had, which had the low sides. This one does not include the pump (sold separately) while ours did include it, and this one offers sheets for sale -- ours did not have a removable mattress over which we could put a sheet but this one does. So this sounds like a possible advance! I cannot vouch for the specific "model" on sale but it's similar to the one that did a good job for us back in the day, and we got that one from One Step Ahead too. (Good site for things like this!).

Update and tell us what you find!

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answers from Lakeland on

Was this like a camping mattress? I had one for my daughter when she was little and it had an attached sleeping bag.

I don't know of any other blow up beds, sorry.

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answers from Washington DC on

When we go camping, we use a cot that folds out much like a camp chair. We don't bother with an air mattress for DD. If this is for nightly use, I'd get a real mattress or a toddler/crib mattress. They're not much more and hold up better. If this is for camping or Grandma, what about a fold out kid couch or chair instead?

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