Blood in Urine- Anyone Had This?

Updated on September 13, 2012
K.S. asks from Littleton, CO
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I am trying to keep myself calm, but a little overwhelmed by information right now. For probably the last 3 years, any time I've had to give a urine sample for whatever reasons, there would be an off-handed remark of "there's a microscopic amount of blood in your urine, not uncommon and no big deal". So that was that, kind of weird, but no concerning symptoms so went on with life.

Well I have a new doctor and at my checkup I gave a urine sample and same thing. He said "microscopic amount of blood in your urine", only this time he said "we need to investigate this". So instantly I'm freaked. He said he wants to do a CT scan that basically outlines the urinary system. That seems pretty radical, CT scans have so much radiation. I had a CT scan 5 years ago for unrelated issues, so I'm not wanting that much radiation. He did say this is not uncommon.

Just not sure what to do. If something is wrong, I certainly want to find it. But if it is a common thing and I don't have any other symptoms, then a CT scan seems pretty extreme. Anyone ever have this? What did you do? This is my primary care, who I really like, but I'm tempted to see a urologist to get a specialist's opinion, and maybe find out if there are less extreme tests- maybe a happy medium- to this.

I hate this.

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answers from Dallas on

First, don't freak out and don't research on the internet.

I've had blood in urine at home and reported it to the Dr. and it was a UTI. He gave me some anticiotics and it cleared right up.

If you feel better about going to a urologist, then request to do so. It is your body and there is nothing wrong with seeking a more specialized Dr. if there is some sort of concern.

I personally don't worry about x-rays and CT scans.. You'd probablly freak out if you really know how much radiation you are getting just walking around every day. Moderation!

Good luck!

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answers from Phoenix on

If you don't agree to a CT, they will probably still want to do a ultrasound. If they find anything abnormal in the ultrasound, then they will recommend a CT at that point.

I know a CT has a good bit of radiation, but if you've only ever had one 5 years ago, I think you will be just fine. I don't even know how many CT's I've had to have done in the past ten years plus numerous MRI's. I mean I'm in the machine for over an hour at least twice a year. I don't like it doing it either, but to say the least I'm grateful for amazing technology that can help doctors diagnose problems that are unable to be seen by the human eyes alone. You can get 2 minutes of radiation to prevent further issues down the road...or you can just wait and see what happens. I'd get the CT!

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answers from Biloxi on

I had a kidney stone about 2 years ago - lots of blood in urine then. Doctor did CT scan, two procedures and got to know the inside of my urinary track very well.

Fast forward - I go in for a check up about every 6 months - more if I feel "funny". 50% of the time he says that I have a miniscule amount of blood in my urine. He does not seem impressed by it. Oh, there all kinds of terrifying explanations for it - but since he has seen that, been there, in my bladder, he already ruled those out.

I say, get the CT scan. Make sure nothing is lurking in there that you need to worry about. Eh, maybe go see a urologist instead of your primary care doctor.

Really, one CT scan every 5 years is not enough radiation to make you glow in the dark. :)

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answers from Cleveland on

i have blood in my urine, i go back for a repeat next month to see if it is still there, i had 2 one month apart and no where near my period and i had blood in it. my dad had blood in his for a long time until he got diagnosed with bladder cancer, so i am worried about it, if i still have blood in mine come next test my dr plans on sending me to a urologist to see whats going on.

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answers from Milwaukee on

i don't want to be the one to alarm you but go for the mother had blood in her urine and ended up having bladder cancer. and my son has blood in his blood and has chronic kidney disease (IGAN). that is something not to mess around with.....

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answers from Boston on

If you have a problem that's gone on for 3 years, and it's still showing up, and now you finally have a doctor who wants to investigate. I am absolutely against unnecessary tests, but I think it's time to find out if you have anything going on that should be treated. Simple UTIs can cause this, so can kidney stones and other things. You've had no radiation for so many years, and I agree with the other post that you are exposed to radiation from many sources all the time. You can consider an ultrasound first - you might ask why that would or wouldn't turn up some possible answers. You can certainly ask for a referral to a urologist, which in my mind would have been suggested a long time ago for a recurring problem, just to rule out anything.

The absence of symptoms alone is not enough - and you do have a symptom, which is blood in the urine. I think you should rule out any problems after 3 years.

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answers from San Antonio on

I've had blood in my urine on numerous occasions. All but once it was because of kidney stones and such.

The only time it wasn't because of stones was when my kidneys were shutting down.

It's entirely more likely that you've had tiny kidney stones that are causing the blood. Remain calm and ask questions. Chances are it's nothing.

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answers from Kansas City on

my husband had blood in his urine. Turned out to be kidney stones.

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answers from Chicago on

It is worth investigating to look for a cause, but red cells in the urine can be normal for some people. My daughter went through a long battery of tests chasing this same issue when she was a toddler. Nothing was found and it was determined to be normal for her. (I think the diagnosis was benign familial hematuria.)



answers from Eugene on

My mom had this and only found out bec. of a physical to get life insurance. She put herself through a whole battery of tests only to find out it was nothing they could find. That was probably 5 years ago and nothing still. She did have kidney stones years ago so maybe that caused it? And a pharmacist friend suggested it might have to due w/ the fact that at the time she was taking a lot of ibuprofen. But, it is still an unsolved "mystery" but one she eventually quit worrying about.


answers from San Francisco on

The only time I had blood in my urine was when my kidneys were shutting down. =(



answers from Boston on

My husband had kidney stones and seems to frequently have some small amount of blood in his urine but he is fine. It seems he may be creating and passing small stones every now and then without feeling it (if they get big you know it because when they pass from the kidney into the bladder they go through a tiny tube and hurt). The other cause could be a bladder infection (UTI), that is the only time I have had blood in my urine. Best to look into it but if you feel fine I would not worry too much about it. If it is kidney stones, your diet will be restricted based on what the stones are made of. If it is a bladder infection, you will get antibiotics and be fine. With age bladders can sag into less upright positions causing an area where urine can remain stagnant and grow infections.



answers from Knoxville on

I have blood in my urine also. I was referred to a Urologist and had to have Renal scan done. They also did a Cystoscopy on me. It was all a little scary. It turns out I have a non-cancerous tumor on my liver. I have to go back every 6 months to have it checked, but for now my doctor says it is nothing to worry about. I go back to my urologist next week. I would have the CT scan done to make sure nothing is seriously wrong, but my urologist says some people just have a tiny amount of blood in their urine and it is nothing to worry about. My 6 year old daughter had blood in her urine at her last check up also. Her doctor did not seem concerned at the time. Good luck to you!! Let us know what happens.



answers from Houston on

If you haven't had this checked out before, then you don't know if it's normal for you. Even if it's not any of the serious diagnoses that you could receive, tt wouldn't be a bad idea to get a baseline so you can stay on top of your health going forward. I always want to know WHATEVER is going on with my body, and I appreciate a proactive doctor who doesn't just sit around twiddling his thumbs and waiting for me to tell him what's wrong.

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