Blood in Urine - Canton, NC

Updated on December 23, 2006
H.W. asks from Canton, NC
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Hello. I keep getting blood in my urine. I have been to the doctor twice this year for it. I have another infection right now. I've been taking cranberry pills when I start to notice it happening. I'm starting to think it may be an infection in my kidneys. I'm hoping there's someone else out there who has been through this and can help. PLEASE!

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answers from Mobile on

Hi H.,
My friend's daughter used to get the ALL the time. If she didn't have a bladder infection she was fighting off a year infection. She started having her take cranberry pills all the time, she's never off them, and she hasn't had a problem in years. I would also adivse taking a good multi-vitamin and some essential oils everyday. You'd be amazed how much they help with everything.
GOod luck and I hope you get better soon!

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answers from Seattle on

My daughter had blood in her urine at the age of six. She ended up in the hospital for testing. They said she had slight kidney disfuction, high blood pressure and a urinary tract infection. I would get a second opinion or see a specialist, before it gets worse. I hope that you get better.



answers from Norfolk on

HI there,

I get infections all the time too and Katie W is right. My doctor told me to drink lots of water and try to urinate after sex even if you don't have to. I tend to drink a lot of cranberry juice or raspberry juice and that seems to keep the infections away. But I don't know if it actually works or if it's all in my head. And if I remember right my OB gave me prednizone when I initially went in after I first saw blood in my urine. I saw Dr Theresa Whibley about it. I recommend her to any woman. Good luck!



answers from Spartanburg on

It could be a kidney infection or a really bad UTI. If your doctor is not getting to the bottom of it, go get a second opinion. You may also want to get some grapefruit extract, and follow the directions, this is an anti fungus, and anti bacterial natural medication and is recommended for UTI and other infections. Also you can get some Silver this is the best thing to take, but you need to make sure you are getting collidal silver. Also Uva Ursi is great, but you cannot take this with anything citrus, so if you choose to do the grapefruit don't take this, but it can be taken with silver.



answers from Norfolk on

Hello H.,

I got bladder infections (UTI'S) all the time! Anyway I went to a specialist and my family doctor! I would get like 10 or more UTI's a year which most women get 0 to 1 a year. They finnaly put me on a medication after intercourse! I havent had a infection in about 8 months witch for me is amazing! Some women get them really easy in my case I get them after intercourse. You could try using the restroom after every time you have intercourse, drink lots of water, that is the other main key! You need to talk to your doctor if you get them after intercourse there is medication that helps! Good luck and let us know what happens! It is not hopeless you will find the answer!



answers from Charlottesville on

You've been to the doctor and what do the say? YU might try a different doctor. I know I have found the the health care in this area leaves ALOT to be desired but I wouldn't give up until you can find a diagnosis that you are content with. Sometimes a simple change in your diet is the solution. Cut out everything but water! and juices. If you are not a big water drinker, try adding some fruits to the water. I use oranges, strawberries,anything juicy. It really helps to increase my water intake. But of course, seek medical attention consistently until an answer is found! You are a mommy; you can't play around with your health!



answers from Charlotte on

My advice is to see a uroligist now! When I was preg with my first son I started haveing constant UTI's. The OB said it was due to being preg and put me on cranberry supliments. They never went away. After my son was born and I still had the problems I was finally sent to a uroligist. I had kidney stones and because of the type I had the cranberry supliments I had been on made things go from bad to worse. I had about 500 stones...Talk about pain! For the most part cranberry is good for infections however if you have a certain kind of stone, cranberry is one of the worst things you can do. I was told to drink nothing but water until I was able to have my surgery to remove the stones (because of the cranberry one of my stones got too large to pass) I hope this helps :)



answers from Charlotte on

Hi H.,

When I was a little girl, I got kidney and bladder infections all the time and each time they would tell me I had blood in my urine. By the time I was out of college, I had already had 2 kidney stones. My doctor suggested drinking fresh lemonade to fight off infection and build up in the kidneys, bladder, and the tubes that lead from the kidneys to the bladder. Are you having any intense pain with the blood? If so, you may have a stone somewhere in there scratching and irritating things. You'll be able to tell between the discomforts of an infection and the pain of a stone though. I would suggest rotating between cranberry juice, lemonade, and water. If these don't work, I'd seek other medical advice for sure. I hope you feel better soon!



answers from Raleigh on

I thought this was happening to me too until I thought about it. I breastfeed and dont have any regular cycle, just some slight pink mucus for like a week every month. I went to a urologist in oct and they wanted to send me for a cat scan and an xray and all this other stuff. i decided against that once i figured out it was probably coming from the vagina
make sure u know where the blood is coming from first and then take it from there.
good luck!



answers from Charleston on

Sounds to me like you need to go see a Urologist. Your OBGYN can recommend one. I also had the same problem and had it checked out. There was no real explanation as to why this was happening, but it's something that the Urologist wants to monitor. Hope that helps.



answers from Charlotte on

Hey H.,

I have a defect in one of my kidneys and that makes me prone to tons of kidney infections. Blood in your urine is a sign of one. You don't get blood in your urine until it has moved to that level. You may also be experiencing high fevers, pain in your lower back and even around to the front, nausea, vomiting, feeling like you have to pee all the time. You need to go see someone immediatly they are very dangerous, I've been hospitalized many times for this. To alleviate the pain until then AZO pills will numb your bladder and take away the constant feeling of having to pee. If you can't get in your doctor go to Urgent Care or even the ER. Good Luck!

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