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Updated on February 23, 2009
S.K. asks from Mishawaka, IN
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Hi Mommas! =)

We are very concerned about my 10 year old niece, Lia. Lia was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes when she was 7. I'm telling you this because diabetes sometimes complicates other health issues and we're not sure if this is related. About 2 weeks ago she told my sister (her mother) that she had some blood in her poop. My sister (figuring it was a fissure or something) told her that sometimes that happens when our stool is really hard, etc. Nothing more was said about it until just the other day when Lia told my sister that she STILL had blood in her stool. My sister, shocked of course, took her straight to the doctor. They did all kinds of tests on her and a stool sample, etc. We are waiting for the results. They also made an appointment with a specialist for May 2nd. I thought that while we are waiting, maybe some of you had a similar situation that you could share with me to maybe ease the worry or give some insight. My brother in law said that her blood is like blood clots, and it is a dark purplish color (which we know is NOT good).

Thanks in advance for any comments or advice!


ps. I want to add that besides the blood, there are no other symptoms. No loss of appetite or weight, no pain, she's not lethargic in any way... same spunky little diva.

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answers from Columbus on

My daughter, who is 8, had this happen this time last year. We took her to the doctor who did some tests and scheduled us to see a GI who did some tests all of which came back negative. They then did a colonoscopy/endoscopy and found that she had an irritated colon. She was put on medication for 3 months and has been fine ever since. She, too, had no other symptons but blood and mucous in her stool. She is totally fine today.

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answers from Columbus on

This happened to me when I was in about 5th grade. At first the dr said it was hemmorhoids then they did a colonoscopy and found juvenile papillomas (polyps). They went ahead and removed them and they were benign (later in life a dr told me they were not predictors of cancer as an adult).I've had a few more colonoscopies and never had a problem. Good luck with a quick and accurate diagnosis/treatment.



answers from Canton on

My daughter also has type 1 diabetes. I don't recall her ever having blood in her stool. I do know, unfortunately there are other complications associated with diabetes. Celiacs disease is being more frequently diagnosed with diabetes. I would think there would be other symptoms with that, however. I belive they start testing for celiacs disease now when a child is first diagnosed with diabetes. Not to be condescending, but it is possible that she is having menstrual or premenstrual symptoms. I am glad your neice is going to the doctor. Does she go to an pediatric endochrinologist now? Just a side note, does your neice go to any JDRF functions. We are very involved in our area and find it very helpful. Please let me know how your neice does, as any child with diabetes has a special place in my heart.



answers from Dayton on

Dear S.,

You might give you SIL a heads up on Dr. Merkle. If your niece has problems that aren't clean he will take the time to help figure out what is going on. He is gentle and will not do anything to harm. After all the big things are ruled out Dr. Merkle will help get your niece working as well as possible. He does what he does by blood work so it is a very scientific (almost engineering) approach.

His web site is and there are case studies and radio shows to give you a feel for how he works. office in 5785 Far Hills Ave in Dayton ###-###-####.

God Bless,




answers from Muncie on

I'll give you some hope. I does sound like she needs to increase fluids to soften up her stool.

I grew up with a diabetic sister and know that they tend to heal very slowly. It could be likely that she just tore something trying to pass a hard stool and it just never got a chance to heal fully before the next hard movement (the clots). With diabetics being cautious is always best, but here's hoping.



answers from Columbus on

Hi S., I just want to let you know that I'll keep your little neice in my prayers, try not to worry too much.

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