Blood in Carpet

Updated on March 04, 2009
J.H. asks from Billings, MT
5 answers

Does anyone know how to get blood out of the carpet? Our dog had a bloody nose and left a pretty big stain in the livingroom. We have light colored wool carpet and I don't want any products that might bleach it. Any suggestions?

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answers from Denver on

Try OxyClean it is awesome! I have light gray carpet and have never had a problem with it bleaching the color out.
It gets up grape juice or anything like that.
I was trimming my dogs claws and nipped her too close and it bled like crazy. I got it under control on her but the Oxy Clean took it out of the carpet really well.



answers from Provo on

I recommend the oxy-clean. It's fabulous at getting bloodstains out of clothes. Just be sure you test it on a small, out of the way spot first because it can lighten the carpet (at least it says it may be possible on the box) and follow the correct dilution instructions.



answers from Denver on

I use two wonderful products called PreSpot and Sol-U-Mel. They have gotten blood out of clothes, red wine and juice out of the carpet, spaghetti stains, etc. Plus there is no bleach or other harmful chemicals in them. I use them because they are safer for my family and I am amazed at what they clean up! Call me at ###-###-#### and I can tell you about the store I purchase them from.

Good luck!


answers from Colorado Springs on

I am a homebirth midwife assistant and we use hydrogen peroxide on the blood spills. Pour directly on the spot, let it foam for a bit and then soak up with a dry rag. Repeat if needed.




answers from Denver on

I have had the best luck with salt when it comes to all kinds of carpet stains! Just sprinkle the the stain liberally with salt, and rub with a wet (cold, of course) cloth. It should come out . Good luck!

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