Blood Clot Seen in 5 Week Ultrasound

Updated on August 28, 2009
D.M. asks from Aliso Viejo, CA
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Hello moms! I am 5 weeks pregnant and during my ultrasound earlier this week, they saw a blood clot near one of the gestational sacs. I'm not bleeding but they've told me to take it easy because we don't want it to get bigger because it could lift the pregnancy. They told me that this sometimes happens during implantation. But can anyone tell me what this means, what will happen to the clot... will I bleed for sure or can it go away? Thank you!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

It's hard to know exactly what will happen. I had a HUGE blood clot while I was pregnant with triplets. A few weeks into the pregnancy it started to bleed. I bled heavily (just like a period) and my doctor thought I was losing one of the babies. An ultrasound found that it was not close to the placentas and the bleeding was not harmful. The bleeding went on for most of my pregnancy... It wasn't harmful, but it certainly was annoying. All three babies are now healthy and happy.



answers from San Diego on

I would ask if they think you need to be tested for one of the predisposition for blood clots. There are many genetic ones. I happen to be the carrier of the g20210A mutation. They found it during a failed pregnancy. It most likely has nothing to do with your clot, but it is worth asking if you should be tested as it could cause a problem down the road with the pregnancy.




answers from Los Angeles on

Oh, I dealt with this in my pregnancy and spoke to many others that had. Did the doctors call it a subchorionic hematoma? What I learned from my experience is that officially size, age of the mother, and time of gestation at diagnosis influence the outcome (whether the pregnancy will be saved or not). Unofficially from talking to people it seems that size is not always a good predictor of outcome. Obviously, the bigger it is, the more careful you'll want to be "just in case".
To the best of my knowledge there are risk factors but no specific reason, it just happens or it might happen for different reasons to different women.
Some women "bleed out" the clot and in some others it just reabsorbs. It takes a while for it to be reabsorbed so don't despair if it's still there in the next ultrasound. For some women instead of a clot they will have blood pooled near the pregnancy sac and therefore will experience bright red, abundant bleeding. My doctor back then said to limit my activities but that bedrest was not necesary. If you are worried, I'd say a little bit of bedrest never hurt anyone :) Best of luck to you.



answers from Los Angeles on

My sister bled around 12 weeks during her first pregnancy and they discovered a small blood clot. it resolved itself, she had no other problems and her daughter came a week late, over 8 lbs and is now 4.5 years old and very happy and healthy.
we did joke a bit during her pregnancy that the blood clot was a twin...I think the stress and worry sometimes does more damage and coping with that is half the battle!
good luck to you!

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