Blocked Fallopian Tube

Updated on September 24, 2010
K.F. asks from East Troy, WI
8 answers

Hi everyone~
My doctor has told me I have PCOS and one blocked fallopian tube. I have been on three rounds of Clomid and have started taking Metformin, which is to help the PCOS.

However, my doctor has not yet talked about my blocked tube. I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced having one or both tubes blocked. I'm also curious how it affects my chances of getting pregnant (we've been trying for one year), and if theres any natural/herbal way that I could start to help with the blockage.

I'm just getting really frusterated and am not sure if all these drugs I'm on will even make a difference if I have one blocked tube.

Thanks :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Sorry K. ... I hear your frustration and wish I had an answer for you but I can say that one blocked fallopian tube shouldn't be a serious problem, at least from my personal experience. Years ago, I only had my right tube and ovary and was told I had only a 30% chance of conception and whowza, that 30% was more active than I'd wished.

I wish you not to get discouraged but to keep having fun trying. And hopefully, soon you will let us know about some deliriously good news. God's speed and blessings.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi K. - I am heading out the door, so I will be brief.

What is causing the blockage? I had a fibroid tumor that blocked on of my tubes. My doctor removed it. I continued for another year or two to try to get pregnant on our own, and finally had to do the shots. It worked right away.

I would definitely talk to your doctor about removing the blockage. I would think it would help your chances of getting pregnant significantly.

I am not an expert by any means, just sharing my experience.

Good luck with whatever you do.




answers from Dallas on

@joan f
i recently had hcg done ,they said that i have my right tube blocked and left spils very slwoly.
My doc asked me to meet the Infertility doc . Im very scared to go to a infertility Doc.
Did u also go to a infertility doc and get it unblocked.

Can u please advice me ??
i already had two misscariage . among one of them it was molar pregnancy. i had a huge fibroid 10cm /12cm. got rid of it through a surgery .
after that surgery now im trying for baby from past 1 1/2 year.
now that got a hcg done , came to know that one tube is blocked and other one is very slow.
Please advise.


answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I also have PCOS and had a tube removed. I was also on clomid. Normally you ovulate alternately from side to side. I ended up getting pregnant with the help of Clomid and IUIs.

I do have a girlfriend that also had a tube removed, knew she was ovulating from the side without the tube and ended up pregnant!



answers from Minneapolis on

I was trying to conceive last year and ended up having an ectopic pregnancy. One of my fallopian tubes ruptured and doctors did a surgery to get rid of it. Once I recovered, I was planning to conceive only to find out through HSG that my other Fallopian is also blocked. Kindly recommend a good ob-gyn in Woodbury/ St Paul area who might specialize in such cases and could help me conceive either naturally or by IVF.
Thanks in advance



answers from Minneapolis on

You ovulate on each side ever other month, so at the least, these meds will up your chance every other month, even with a blocked tube.



answers from Des Moines on

I had an etopic pregency while taking Clomid. That tube was removed which had me concerned about the possibility of my getting pregant again. It took another 3 years when I went in for exploritory surgery to see about a hystermy the remaining tube was blocked again. The doctors unblocked the tube that was remaining. Two months later I was pregant and was able to carry my now 27 year old daughter to term (after the etopic and 3 miscarriages. 2 before and 1 after). I was told that only having one tube would not reduced my changes of getting pregant however after surgery the doctors told me that I had less then a 10% chance of conceiving and probably only with fertily pills. I wasn't on any medicine when I did get pregant and I firmly believe it was because not only was the remaining tube unblocked but I finally came to grips it probably wouldn't happen and relaxed. I'd recommend the surgery (which has come a long way in the last 28 yrs so I'm sure they won't have to cut you hip to hip to do this). Has anyone told you that etopic pregancy was a possible side effect of the clomid (besides the possibility of mulitple births which I would have welcomed)? with that blocked tube (both had some blockage in them along with cysts on my overies) I'd be afraid of that since I'm sure that contributed to my etopic. The best of luck to you and I hope and pray you too will enjoy the feeling of having a baby.



answers from Minneapolis on


I also had a blocked fallopian tube. I had the surgery to unblock it and they also discovered the other fallopian tube was hanging down past my other ovary so there was no way to catch an egg. They removed all kinds of stuff but don't know what it was called. Within 2 weeks of getting my stitches out I was pregnant. They wanted to put me on clomid but I refused because I knew I was ovulating based on my temperature charting and I figured I should give the surgery a shot. I now have two kids and after the surgery it was almost too easy to get pregnant (the second one was a surprise). Good luck but I would definitely consider surgery. It was outpatient, very easy, very little pain because they did it orthoscopically. I think I only had 2 stitches.

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