Updated on September 11, 2010
K.S. asks from Albany, CA
6 answers

i seem to be bloating all the time lately
any ideas why

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answers from San Francisco on

Bloating can be a sign of food intolerance such as gluten (wheat) and lactose (milk). Make a diary of your food and see what the triggers might be. Ask your doctor for a test for Celiacs disease and have him do a lactose breath test, also.
Also, I was always bloated for about a year then went off gluten and lactose. I stopped being bloated and my asthma completerly disappeared.

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answers from Dallas on

Too much salt, or new birth control? Either one can do it, so can pregnancy!!

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answers from San Francisco on

If all else fails, see your ob/gyn to be sure it's not a gyn problem.



answers from Indianapolis on

Make journal of what you are eating, and then see if one day is worse than, go one day with very little salt......better or the vitamins might be the cause as what is new in your diet anything?

Take care and good luck. Don't forget PMS too.....



answers from San Francisco on

If your body does not have enough prebiotics and probiotics in the gut you are not absorbing nutrients and enzymes are also needed to break down food. The soils have been depleted for over 60 years and we are missing the nutrients from the soils. If you want some good suggestions on some good nutritional supplements to aide you in what is missing in our diets let me know and I will send you some information.

I an a wellness consultant and have been for 11 plus years.

Have a great weekend.

N. Marie



answers from San Francisco on

I seriously have been bloating a lot lately, too! I was wearing an anklet and by 9 am, I had to remove it. Conveniently, I had an annual exam with my doctor. She said it could be because my period is about to start, my diet, and/or the heat. I am definitely not pregnant as my husband had a vasectomy. Hopefully, nothing more serious than that, but if it continues you should make an appointment bringing in a log of diet and the times of swelling.

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