Blisters on the Bottom of the Feet

Updated on August 09, 2010
B.G. asks from Oxnard, CA
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My 2 1/2 year old daughter had the hand/foot/mouth virus about 2 months ago. It never seemed to bother her that much. Now she seems to be getting white blisters on the edges and bottom of her feet. They don't have puss and seem to be more like peeling. Could this be athlete's foot or final stage of the hfm virus? She likes wearing sandals & being barefoot so I don't know.

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So What Happened?

Definately not athlete's foot. Dr. said probably just finishing up the virus. Nothing to worry about. Seems to have gone away in the last week.

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If its just peeling, sounds like its the last stage and your little ones feet are just shedding the old skin.
I'd take her to the doc just to be on the safe side- especially if it seems to be bothering her. :)

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Could be the last part of the virus, but it could be something else she picked up while her immune system was compromised. Athlete's foot is fungal and is usually in between the toes where things are wet/moist - it's not usually on the soles. I'd take her to a podiatrist for a good look - he/she can treat what's there, write a prescription if needed, identify what's truly going on, etc.


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I do believe that its the ending of the HFM disease, however have her re-checked. I wouldn't have her running around in her bare feet. I know its comfy but its so easy to pick up a germ since her system was down already. Try and find a cream that has Oatmeal in it and rub her feet with it. Oatmeal works wonders on so many things. Even having her put her feet into a container that her feet will fit into, put about a cup of oatmeal in and soak for abt. 10min. Then rub her feet with an Oatmeal Cream or even Aloevera Cream. The old skin will fall off in no time at all. Wearing the sandals is fine, but wait for the barefeet just until you notice the new skin growth. Good luck, she will be fine.



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she still has it.. my daughter got it at 15 months and it took like 3 months to clear up.



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Our kids both had hand-foot-mouth disease a few weeks ago as well.

Only our daughter got blisters on her hands/feet, and they weren't puss-filled. More you could tell there was something agitating her skin, but it wasn't the main symptom that bothered her.

Our pediatrician didn't have us bring the kids in because it started improving. Perhaps it's worth a call to them just to be certain it's related to that virus instead of something else.

Good luck! Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

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