Bleeding Gums

Updated on May 03, 2007
T.W. asks from Grants Pass, OR
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so I was brushing my daughter's(2.5) teeth this morning and when I had her spit there was blood so I had her open her mouth so I could look in and she is getter her top two yo molars in and one of them is really red and looks a little bloody I was wondering if anyone else has noticed bleeding with teething or if I should contact her dentist. oh yeah and she doesn't really seem to be bothered by it she is still eating the same but she has been extra fussy lately but she has also had a cold. any advice would help thanks

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answers from Seattle on

I have an almost 3 year old boy...I remember when he was cutting his first teeth as an infant that his gums sometimes bled then. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you think that it was from another tooth area, you might check with her dentist, but i'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

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sounds pretty normal for cutting those big ol' molars! But you could always check with your dentist if you're concerned.

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Bleeding gums have been normal with molars in both of my kids. The teeth erupt through gums that until then have no holes, so one has to be made. My daughter's pain was more significant with molars, but then they are bigger than the other teeth, and because of where they are placed, they get more chewing pressure than other areas of the mouth while they are coming in.
Still, if you're concerned, you might call a pediatric dentist office and ask, or call your pediatrician. Either one should be able to answer your question without seeing the child (so it doesn't cost you).



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hey i have a little one thats just a year... She also had some bleeding with of the gums when she got her back upper molar.. I called the dentist and they said that if it doesent seem to be bothering them its o.k. And told me to remember that the teeth are breaking through so of corse there can be some blood... If your really concerned just call your dentist i know mine never minds it when i call with some crazy questions.... Hope it works out for you.



answers from Yakima on

Well I've never seen any bleeding in my kids's mouth. But I was told this last year by my dentist that my gums were bleeding after they flossed, which I had never noticed before at home, even when I flossed. They told me it was the beginning of gingivitus I think. But some kind of mouth disease and that I needed to start flossing every day and it should hopefully get better soon. once I started flossing everyday the bleeding stopped. It is probably the same thing for her, for I've never noticed with my 2 kids that getting teeth caused bleeding.
Good luck~

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