Bleeding During Early Pregnancy

Updated on July 04, 2010
T.C. asks from San Diego, CA
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Has anyone experienced this with their pregnancy?
So I had a positive home pregnancy test...........3 days later I spotted-light brown drainage. It went away.
Then one wk later I had a small amount of bright red drainage for one day. Now 3 days later I'm having a small amount of drainage.
I had a transvaginal US , it looked like a pregnant uterus, but there was no sac seen. I know this is possible when you are really early, that no sac has been visualized. I know it's possible I could have a chemical pregnancy or blighted ovum.
But has anyone carried a pregnancy to full term who spotted at the beginning & had mild cramps??
& my doctor is aware of what's going on!

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So What Happened?

So I started bleeding very heavily 2 days ago with really bad cramps-I am experiencing a miscarriage! Thank you everyone who responded to my last post!!! We will try again as soon as we can!!

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answers from Dallas on

i had implantation bleeding and then had some bleeding later on in the pregnancy - about 6 weeks in. everything turned out fine - dd is happy and healthy!



answers from Portland on

I had the same thing as Dori W. (subchorionic hematoma) with my 6.5 year old. He was my 1st live birth and I had had 4 miscarriages prior to him and began bleeding at 5wks-first spotting off and on, alternating red and brown. I would gush blood periodically until week 13 and be certain I had m/c again, just to find a little heartbeat on ultrasound. Both my boys weren't able to be seen with their little hearts beating until later than I expected-7 weeks, even tho I had done transvag u/s starting at 5 weeks. My friend also had this and her 2 year old baby girl is a spitfire now.
Spotting is never a great sign, but it very common. How many weeks and days do you think you are? It is nerve-wracking and I wish you well. Keep us posted, ok?


answers from Pocatello on

I had placenta previa with my first pregnancy. So I bled for about 3 weeks and had to go on bed rest. It started when I was about 9 or 10 weeks along. But after that I was fine and carried my baby full term. She is now 3 1/2 happy and healthy as ever.



answers from St. Louis on

The bleeding can be caused from many things. From my own experiences it could be just implantation bleeding, bleeding from the ultrasound, vaginal exams and also sex . good luck



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I had 2 major scares early in my pregnancy...there was a lot of blood...almost as much as a period. The second time, my doctor found a pool of blood near my implantation site. She told me to expect bleeding for 4-6 more days and then it should all be gone. There was mild cramping as well. All came out fine for me! Good luck mama!



answers from Gainesville on

I had a subchorionic hemorrhage (a bleed where the baby implants-but not implantation bleeding) very early in my first pregnancy that resolved. Sometimes serious, sometimes not. Can cause bleeding thru much of the pregnancy other times it resolves like mine did. Same thing I had brown discharge and then one morning bright red bleeding. The nurse said that as long as it was less than a pad in an hour it was ok but anything more than that I needed to head into the er. At my first appointment with the doc they were able to see the bleed on the ultrasound and monitored it 2 weeks later to see if it was resolving or if it was growing bigger.

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