Bladder Surgery with the Urethral Sling Did Not Seem to Work, Post 5 Weeks

Updated on May 02, 2008
L.P. asks from Belmont, NH
3 answers

Any one had the urethral sling for bladder incontinence done? How long did it take for it to work?

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answers from Boston on

Hi, L..

I have not had bladder surgery, but I may be able to help you and anyone else who experiences unwanted leaking.

Our website is and a main area is devoted to incontinence & treatments.

We have a nurse on our staff, Diane K. Newman - who is a well-known nurse who has published many books regarding these conditions. If you can't find anything on our site that directly helps you, please utilize our Ask-A-Nurse feature. These questions are answered directly by Diane. You can write her a question, and she will respond to you with her answer.

For everyone else out there who is having some post-pregnancy leaking, we have a whole section devoted to re-strengthening your pelvic muscles w/kegel exercises and more. We just launched a whole new Kegel center. Here's the link:

Hope this helps you, L., and anyone else who is experiencing incontinence as well!

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Im so sorry to hear it. I dont know what your dr told you but it should have worked immediately. I had it done a couple years ago and i have not leaked a single drop ever since...not even when I sneeze. I recommend Carolyn Drake from Franklin Hospital. It is her specialty.

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Hi L.,
I had my surgery done in new bedford, it will be 1 yr ago on july 13th!! It was the best thing i worked right away....they actually had to put the cathetar back in before i left the hospital..because my bladder didnt want to work on its own I really dont think you should be leaking. Have you lifted over 5lbs or driven??? That could be a problem...i was told no lifting, driving or work for 8 weeks. i hope everything works out for you. email me if you need anymore info. take care

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